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Return to Work Not Just for Workers’ Compensation Claimants

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More employers are using return-to-work programs for injured workers even if they were not injured on the job, according to a study by Prudential Insurance Co. The worker should resume, if possible, work that meets restrictions and requirements outlined by the treating physician.

Pre-Order: Workers' Compensation Law 2022 Update

Workers' Compensation

Jon Gelman’s* newly revised and updated treatise on WorkersCompensation Law is soon to be published by Thomson Reuters®. The treatise is the most complete and research integrated work available on NJ WorkersCompensation law.


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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Long COVID

Workers' Compensation

While the Federal expanded benefits are ending for many workers on Labor Day, WorkersCompensation Benefits are still available for those workers who have been exposed to COVID at work and contract disease and remain ill from Long COVID. Workers' Compensation Blog, Sept.

What Do You Need to Know About Workers Compensation Insurance?

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Workerscompensation coverage functions to pay any bills associated with their medical care. Furthermore, it replaces a portion of the wages of the worker while they are receiving this […].

US Supreme Court Holds Washington State’s Workers’ Compensation Law Unconstitutional Under the Supremacy Clause

Workers' Compensation

Washington’s workerscompensation law discriminates against the Federal Government and its contractors. The state law, by its terms, applies only to federal workers who work at one federal facility in Washington.

Is the Workers' Compensation System Prepared for Omicron (Updated 12/10/21)

Workers' Compensation

Stakeholders Face Challenges The numerous stakeholders of the workerscompensation system have been repeatedly faced with episodes of increased infectious disease, and little has been done to take the necessary precautions against the hazardous consequences.

NJ Workers’ Compensation Benefit Rates Increase in 2022

Workers' Compensation

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) announced increases in the maximum benefit rates for Unemployment Insurance, Temporary Disability Insurance, Family Leave Insurance, and WorkersCompensation for the calendar year 2022. The maximum weekly benefit for new state plan Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance claims increases to $993 , from $903, while the maximum weekly benefit for new WorkersCompensation claims rises to $1,065 , from $969.

Everything You Need to Know Guide: Are You Eligible for Workers Compensation Benefits?

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Did you know that a worker is injured at the workplace every 7 seconds? If you’re a victim of occupational injuries or illness, you could benefit from workerscompensation. Injuries in the workplace are a normal occurrence.

When Can Workers’ Compensation Help Cover Mental Health Expenses?

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Fortunately, workerscompensation may cover expenses from anxiety, stress, and other less obvious […]. Business Human Resources anxiety employee health employees Health HR Leadership Mental Health stress workers compensation Workplace workplace wellness

PEO insider: Workers’ Compensation

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Sure, none of us like to think that it’s possible that an accident could occur at our place of work, but even the seemingly safest of workplaces can be the subject of a worker’s compensation claim. The post PEO insider: WorkersCompensation appeared first on Abel HR.

How prepared are workers’ compensation systems for COVID-19?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Regardless of the workerscompensation model (private insurance, competitive state fund, exclusive state fund), every insurer has to prepare for the unexpected. page U47] Over time, most workerscompensation systems adapted to include coverage for occupational diseases.

Are work-related COVID-19 cases fully reported, counted and paid by workers’ compensation?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

COVID-19 has been infecting, disabling, and even killing workers in the course of their employment. Healthcare workers, first responders, cleaners, grocery clerks and other essential workers are put at elevated risk of COVID-19 infection because of their work.

NJ Division of Workers' Compensation to Go Forward With In-Person Hearings

Workers' Compensation

The New Jersey Division of Workers' Compensation [DWC] has announced that it will go forward with in-person hearings effective March seven 2022.

Workers’ compensation for remote employees: a guide


Do you need to worry about workerscompensation for remote employees? When your organization adopts or expands a work-from-home policy, it’s a good idea to take a fresh look at your workerscompensation coverage and processes. Benefits and compensation

Temporary Total Disability for Work injury: What will Workers’ Compensation pay?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Work-related injury not only physical and mental pain, but any resulting disability also raises immediate questions Injured workers and family members often turn to their human resource (HR) and disability management (DM) professionals to provide guidance on workerscompensation issues.

How much will I get while on workers’ compensation?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

If you are injured in a work-related incident or suffer a work-related illness or disease, you are very likely entitled to workerscompensation. In Canada, all but one jurisdiction have adopted the Net basis to calculate workerscompensation payments for temporary disability.

Are low wage earners adequately covered by workers’ compensation?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Many workers live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to support their families on lower-than-average earnings. Like a lot of workers in the tourism sector, she relies on unemployment insurance when there is no work. Yukon Territory is the exception with a 75% of gross compensation rate.

Workers’ Compensation: What’s payroll got to do with it?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

For workerscompensation, payroll can have different meanings depending on your jurisdiction and whether you are a worker or an employer. In the graphic of the employer cost of employee compensation above, the “wages and salaries component” is shown in blue.

Are wages or salary fully covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

The vast majority of workers in the US and Canada are employed in jobs “covered” by workerscompensation insurance. Her workerscompensation claim was accepted. Workers’ like Marion will have a higher proportion of their gross earnings withheld for taxes.

Workers Compensation 101


{"ops":[{"insert":"Workerscompensation rates have been declining for the past few years on a national level. This is great news for owners and operators as the reduction in rates lead to lower workerscompensation insurance premiums.

CMS Announces 2022 Workers' Compensation Recovery Threshold to Remain at $750.00

Workers' Compensation

Computation of Annual Recovery Thresholds for Certain Liability Insurance, No-Fault Insurance, and Workers' Compensation Settlements, Judgments, Awards, or Other Payments for 2022 were announced this week.

NJ Supreme Court Reiterates the Liberal Application of Workers' Compensation Act in a Parking Lot Case

Workers' Compensation

The employee was therefore entitled to benefits under the WorkersCompensation Act. Lapsley filed a complaint against defendants in the Law Division and, later, a claim for workerscompensation benefits against the Township in the Division of WorkersCompensation.

Why a Business Owner Cannot Rely Solely on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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You also comply with your state’s workerscompensation statute by maintaining the required coverage and posting the mandated notices in the […].

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Arrangements: Does the model make a difference? Part 1

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

For more than a century, governments have pursued a social policy objective: to protect workers from work-related injury, disability, illness and death in a compassionate and sustainable way that still allows the economic activity and innovation necessary for societies to operate and thrive.

Workers’ compensation Insurance Arrangements: Does the model make a difference? Part 2

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

[For the first part of this discussion, see “WorkersCompensation Insurance Arrangements: Does the model make a difference? As noted, the market for workerscompensation is not a free market but one that is altered by government interventions and oversight.

Are workers getting workers’ compensation for work-related COVID-19 illness?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Workers contracting the COVID-19 virus in the course of their employment are claiming workerscompensation. Just how many workerscompensation claims for work-related coronavirus disability have been filed to date is not reported in most jurisdictions but a few recent reports provide some insight into what may be a significant class of ongoing workerscompensation claims. Presumptions may also shift the onus of proof away from the worker.

Is workers’ compensation spending on healthcare significant? Would a "single-payer" system make a difference?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

I’ve received a lot of questions recently on workerscompensation healthcare spending in Canada, the US and other countries. Is the workerscompensation part of that spending similar across nations? See the G overnment Employees Compensation Act ].

Can a worker claim workers’ compensation for COVID-19 exposure, illness or quarantine?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

[The following is a general response to questions from students in workerscompensation, disability management, and workplace insurance courses. While prevention, control, and treatment questions top the list, workerscompensation questions are being raised.

Are Workers’ Compensation benefits protected against the rising cost of living?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Workers with permanent disabilities often don’t have those options. This policy, however, is far from universal among US workerscompensation systems. Not all jurisdictions use a version of CPI to adjust compensation payments.

Solving Workers Compensation Takes Innovation


futureWork, uses easy-to-deploy apps to improve worker health and safety. Facing ever-increasing economic uncertainty, forward-looking transportation companies proactively adopt new tools and processes to control costs, manage compliance and reduce workplace risk. The key to proactively identifying and reducing workplace risk lies in using technology and data to reinforce and elevate safety culture with awareness, engagement, action and accountability.

Workers’ compensation coverage for COVID-19 crisis difficult to claim

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As calls for workers to stay home and stay safe mount, workers who fear they have been exposed to the coronavirus ask what benefits are available should they get sick. Many of those questions revolve around workerscompensation rights.

Does workers’ compensation cover the full cost of a funeral for a work-related death?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

Every workerscompensation system provides certain payments in the event of a work-related death of a worker. Most commonly, the amount to cover funeral and burial expenses is a separate benefit from payments or compensation that might be available to survivors and dependents.

Are weekend workers adequately served by workers’ compensation and Occupational Health & Safety agencies?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

As I drove home I notices the neighbour’s new garage door being installed by another crew of young workers… Weekend workers seemed to be everywhere. I saw farmworkers pruning and maintaining drainage in the nearby fields and a crew of greenhouse workers coming off shift.

Older Workers: Are we meeting their OH&S and Workers' Compensation needs?

Workers' Compensation Perspectives

The number of “older” workers is rising at an unprecedented rate. Older workers- those age 65 and older- have always been present but their proportion in the workforce has been on the rise at rates that far exceed any change in their proportion of the population.

Workers Compensation – Executive Officers, Partners & Sole Proprietors


{"ops":[{"insert":"Executive officers, partners and sole proprietors (from here on referred to collectively as “executives”) may elect to exclude themselves from benefits under workers compensation.

How to reduce workers’ compensation costs: 3 proven strategies


Are you struggling with how to reduce workerscompensation costs for your business? If not, do you understand the sizeable risk that workerscompensation claims pose to your business, and do you have a plan in place for when these claims arise? You’re probably well-aware of the direct costs you pay in workerscompensation insurance premiums, but you may not have considered the indirect costs of on-the-job accidents and injuries.

Workers Compensation and Occupational Safety and Health Challenges


Workers compensation is a state-level social insurance program that provides financial, medical, and rehabilitation benefits to workers who sustain job-related injuries or illnesses. Workers, employers, and other stakeholders involved in workers compensation administration have long voiced concerns about the extent to which workers compensation promotes occupational safety and health and the well-being of injured workers.