Project Management Tips for Smooth Construction

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It goes without saying that the construction industry is among the strongest pillars of economic growth and development. As the world continues to industrialize, there has been an increase in the demand for construction projects.

5 Essential Safety Tips When Undertaking Road Construction

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Road construction is inherently unsafe. Alongside this, it’s common for sections of road to be repaired or constructed at night. In most cases, you’re working alongside traffic which can be speeding past, even if you’ve put up signs to slow them down.


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How To Protect Your Construction Busines

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In the construction industry, your success depends on how well you can mitigate risks. Construction companies can be devastated by losses from lawsuits and other tragedies. […].

Steps to Take When Starting a New Construction Company

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The construction industry is rapidly growing in the United States and globally due to increased demand for better housing. If you are a prospective entrepreneur who is mulling the idea of starting a construction company, you should consider the following steps.

Optimizing Your Construction Project: 8 Points to Remember

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Business Lifestyle building construction building reno construction construction business home improvement home reno house Improvement new home planning productivity renovationNo project manager ever wants their plan to fail. That’s not always easy.

PR Strategies for Construction Companies in California

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Construction companies are fighting an uphill battle in this […]. Business Leadership branding business leaders business solutions business tips construction construction business Marketing public relations reputation small business Success

How do Construction Loans Work?

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Business Lifestyle building business leaders business outcomes business tips construction construction loans Culture Engagement excellence finance finances financial financial management financial tips Growth house building Improvement innovation personal finance

Ford and Balfour Beatty launch construction site mental health campaign

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The charity provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. The campaign aims to combat suicide among construction workers, focusing on bringing help to workers on-site.

3 High-Tech Ways for Construction Managers To Increase Worker Productivity

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In the world of construction, budgets and schedules are suggestions, not plans, or so the frustrating conventional wisdom goes.

6 Marketing Strategies for Construction Companies

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Construction is one of the most profitable industries in the world. In America alone, the construction-related expenditures are around 10 trillion dollars per year.

2018 Construction Industry Summary

Florida Regulatory Workers' Compensation News

2018 Construction Industry SummaryThe Florida Division of Workers' Compensation has published a new data summary report, the first in a series of reports. The purpose of this and future publications is to provide insight into the unique aspects of the Florida’s workers’ compensation system. The report may be found at the following link.

Common Construction Risks and How to Manage Them


Managing projects in the construction industry means managing risk. These are a few of the most common construction risks and the steps you can take to mitigate potential loss. Construction companies should prioritize safety on every jobsite.

How to Keep Construction Within Budget

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The budget is one of the vital parts of a construction project. Business Lifestyle budget business outcomes business tips construction excellence finance finances financial financial tips Growth Improvement renovation Success

Everything you need to know about Constructive Criticism


Therefore, understanding how to provide constructive criticism is important. Feedback is an essential part of the employer and employee relationship. How that feedback is delivered is even more crucial in determining its effect on employees.

Constructive Feedback: Killing Softly With Faint Praise and Loud Criticism

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Constructive feedback is a positive and negative observation of performance given in a manner that the person receiving it is ready to do better in both cases. Praising or criticizing someone should not be mixed up with constructive feedback. Constructive Feedback in the Workplace.

Construction Delays and Limiting Policy Language Impact Policyholders’ Recovery


It should be noted that Ordinance and Law Increased Cost of Construction provision also has a time limitation to repair or replace, or there is no coverage for the increased cost of construction. Many property policies contain contractual limitation provisions.

Biden Administration EO Requires Project Labor Agreements with Unions on Certain Federal Construction Projects

McDermott Will & Emery Employee Benefits

A project labor agreement (PLA) is a collective bargaining agreement between a contractor and the building trade union on a specific construction project.

Tim Middleton: Employers can provide constructive support for early retirement

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However, there are several ways that employers can provide constructive support. The newly retired will often benefit from guidance such as accommodation, health and making effective use of their time, and constructive guidance at the point of retirement is often greatly appreciated.

Constructive Criticism: What it is and How to Take it


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Challenges the Construction Industry is Facing in 2022


The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the US economy. worth of structures are constructed each year and it employs more than seven million workers across 733,000 businesses. At the end of November 2021, there were 345,000 unfilled construction jobs.

5 Business Management Tips To Create a Constructive Environment for Employees

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Though there are a variety of management styles, there are certain practices that create a happy and constructive work environment for employees.

What’s the Difference Between Construction Insurance and a Surety Bond?


Construction insurance and surety bonds both provide different types of protection on a construction project, but a common misconception is that a surety bond is another type of insurance. What is Construction Insurance and How Does it Work?

Constructing Hope: Interview of Patricia Daniels

Business Management Daily

An interview on starting a non-profit with Patricia Daniels, Executive Director of Constructing Hope , a Portland OR-based non-profit organization that strives to create career paths in the construction industry for people including the formerly incarcerated, homeless, and in recovery. The post Constructing Hope: Interview of Patricia Daniels appeared first on Business Management Daily.

COVID-19 Impact on Construction in Ireland

Global People Strategist

This puts the construction company in a catch-22 situation.

Bonding for Federal Construction Projects


A "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"performance bond"},{"insert":", also known as construction bond, provides the government with a guarantee that their construction project will be completed per the terms of the contract.

8 Examples of Constructive Feedback With Sample Scenarios

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And one of the most important aspects of these roles is the ability and the will to deliver constructive feedback to the employees. However, delivering constructive feedback is not as smooth as a hot knife through butter. Steps to Frame a Constructive Feedback.

10 Business Lessons from Construction Tycoons

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We pass through buildings, board trains, cross bridges, and traverse all of the world’s buildings often without stopping to think what it took to build them. But the developers behind these structures aren’t just talented architects — in many cases, they’re multi-billionaires who’ve successfully erected not just some of the most impressive facades in history […].

5 Useful Tips On How To Give Constructive Criticism

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If you have faced such issues with your employees, you might lack the skills of giving constructive criticism. You sure might have thought about providing constructive criticism but failed because you do not know the correct way? This guide speaks primarily about how someone can give constructive criticism to someone, specifically at the workplace. As a leader, if you think your workers can improve, do not hold your ideas back- rather, convey those criticisms constructively.

Everything You Need To Know About Construction Loans

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A construction loan is the most sensible, and often the only option when looking to build your own home. More and more Australians are building their own homes, it is generally cheaper than attempting to purchase and you have much more control over the size and layout of your dream home. You can also take […].

Spiking Materials Costs Imperil Apartment, Commercial Projects

InterWest Insurance Services

Construction firms are reeling from snowballing costs of building materials due to spiking demand and supply chain snarls that are resulting in massive budget cost overruns. This is especially affecting construction businesses that are managing apartment or commercial projects.

AssuredPartners Names New Leader of Construction & Surety


{"ops":[{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"Kyp Ross will lead AssuredPartners Construction and Surety Practice"},{"insert":"n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"LAKE MARY, FL – October 28, 2020"},{"insert":" – AssuredPartners today announced that Kyp Ross will assume the newly formed role of president of the construction and surety practice. I am pleased to take on this new and exciting role as president of the construction and surety practice for AssuredPartners.

Best Employee Benefits in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry has gone through some mixed performance lately, after years of solid growth. PricewaterhouseCoopers says private investment has grown in commercial and highway projects, while government funding for public infrastructure has in many instances dropped. voluntary benefits employee benefits financial benefits

Ask Achievers: How can we give effective constructive criticism?


In this week’s Ask A chievers, Jewel Celestine shares best practices for giving constructive criticism. Dear Ask A chievers, Our organization has praise down, but we seem to be struggling on the constructive criticism front. Constructive criticism is an art, and too often a neglected one. If employees deviate from the standard it is time for constructive criticism. In the end, constructive criticism—just like recognition—should be positive, immediate, and certain.

High Turnover? 5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention in Construction

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High employee turnover is one of the most challenging issues construction HR managers face. A similar issue is the difficulty in making the construction industry appealing to fresh graduates and new talents. According to the Commercial Construction Index from the USG Corporation and the US Chamber of Commerce, 58% of contractors report a high level of difficulty in finding skilled workers in the last quarter of 2018. Employees are a construction company’s greatest assets.

OSHA inspectors beat a path to Bensalem, Pa. construction firm

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construction firm appeared first on Business Management Daily. Strong Contractors in Bensalem, Pa. has become the go-to destination for OSHA inspectors. Since March 2017, they have descended on Strong worksites 14 times. The post OSHA inspectors beat a path to Bensalem, Pa. HR Management Human Resources

6 practical pointers for creating constructive conflict at work


One of the best ways to use conflict constructively is to change the way you think about it. The path to constructive conflict is paved with detailed, specific language. After all, 100-percent consensus may not be feasible or even desirable since constructive conflict can lead to new, creative solutions to business problems. Chances are, executives, managers and employees are not always going to agree about how to handle company issues.

Top Challenges Facing the Construction Industry


The construction industry has been on the rise for the past few years and is continuing to grow in 2018. Here are four of those challenges the construction industry is currently experiencing: 1. Essential construction technology includes cloud-based software, integrated collaboration, and mobile project management. Construction projects are becoming more complicated in the design. To learn more, visit AssuredPartners Construction