Mon.Jul 04, 2022

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Employee motivation: Definition and how to improve it


Employee motivation can serve as a major driver of organizational success. But keeping team members motivated still proves elusive for many organizations today, and not without reason. Every employee responds to different motivators, and investing in the wrong ones only depletes your company’s budget without effect. Preferences also shift over time, so what engages your workforce right now is almost certain to evolve in the coming years.

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Confront Environmental Risk with an ERP


While not exclusive to agribusiness, environmental exposures, such as air pollution and contaminated water and soil, must be confronted. One tool that is particularly helpful in assessing risk is called a risk profile. Typically used to identify strategies and procedures for administrative risks, a risk profile can be expanded to address areas of environmental liability.


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Which state laws apply to remote employees

Business Management Daily

During the pandemic, many businesses allowed their employees to work from home as a matter of safety. Now, remote work has become the norm. However, it can be tough to navigate the switch from a compliance perspective, particularly when it comes to out-of-state remote staff members. Many businesses, even very small businesses, have started to open up remote positions to a wider audience by removing geographic barriers.

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An Evidence Constraint

Florida Workers' Comp

On May 5, 2022, the Governor signed SB 542 (whose companion had been HB 411 until it was "laid on the table" in March after the House committee process). Laws in Florida typically begin with two bills that proceed in parallel or tandem and then coalesce at the end into one bill for final passage. The implications of this legislation have been discussed here before, when the bills were introduced in 2021.

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Combatting the Effects of Inflation: Keeping Benefits Competitive While Cutting Cost

Speaker: Jaye Johnson, CBP - Employee Benefits and Total Rewards Leader, World at Work Content Author, and Speaker

After years of facing the global pandemic, we are now struggling with a new problem: inflation. No one could have predicted the impact of inflation on employee benefits and how it affects both employees and employers. Employers are now trying to maintain or lower the cost of benefits while competing for talent in a competitive and tight labor market, but the rising costs of consumer goods and healthcare make it extremely difficult to consider increasing their benefit offerings.

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13 Leading Change Management Models For Your Business

Vantage Circle

Change has been fundamental in responding to disruptions in the work and business environments. Whether for the newest technology in the market or the difficulties posed by Covid-19, it has become the need of the hour. But did you know that most organizational change initiatives (almost 70%) fail? It's possible that managers are feeling overburdened by the procedures.

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How to Keep Staff Happy (and Reduce Turnover) 


Studies show that turnover costs are astronomically high. In fact, employee turnover costs can range from 30% to 400% of an employee’s annual salary to replace. If employers did their best to improve the happiness of their employees, they would keep more money in their pockets. However, the benefits of a happy workplace go beyond direct financial gains.

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The Essential Guide to Labor Laws for Remote Employees in the U.S.

Global People Strategist

Labor laws are regulations that govern the relationship between employers and employees. They are designed to protect workers from exploitation and ensure they are treated fairly. If you are a remote employee in the United States of America, you need to be aware of the labor laws currently available for remote employees. This guide will give you an overview of remote employees’ most relevant labor laws.

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Top 10 Innovative Pre-boarding Strategies to Keep New Hires Engaged

HR Lineup

The onboarding process is a crucial stage in recruitment, and it can be easy or difficult depending on your pre-boarding strategies. As a hiring professional, you must prioritize pre-boarding programs to avoid early employee turnover rates. Do not wait until the start day to engage your new hire since you will likely get less turnout considering that the job market is competitive and every business is looking for the best talent. .

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BIG MYTH: Workers Aren’t Quitting Over Values

HR Digest

The “Great Resignation” remains one of the biggest stories about the Covid-19 pandemic. But the more you hear about it, the more you wonder whether workers are really quitting in droves. As is the case with neologisms, the term is used and abused in equal measure. Let’s get to the truth. Millions of Americans have quit their jobs since May 2021; a record 4.5 million walked away in March alone.

Pay Raise 122
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Unleashing AI in Recruitment: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the power of AI in recruitment with Paycor’s complete guide. Learn how to streamline your hiring process, increase interview pipeline, uncover candidates other tools miss, and save time. Get ready to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy today!