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October, 2021

5 Best Compensation Planning and Analysis Tools in 2021

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Compensation in HRM, especially planning and analysis, is a crucial procedure that should be handled effectively to determine every employee’s compensation. With this compensation strategy, it is easier to structure performance-based benefits as well as streamline payment adjustments.

Top 15 Compensation Management Tools in 2021

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Companies consider several factors when deciding on a compensation planning tool. In layman’s terms, compensation management software allows an organization to plan and administer employee compensation packages in an organized manner. CURO Compensation.


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5 Best Employee Benefits and Compensation Management Software in 2022

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Having the best compensation plan will help you avoid the risk of losing them or scaring away potential hires. In addition, you need the best employee benefits software in 2022 to help you plan your compensation effectively. . Compensation and Benefits Practices

Despite Potential Savings Most Medicare Part D Participants Don't Switch Plans

Workers' Compensation

Despite Potential Savings Most Medicare Part D Participants Don't Switch Plans , Workers' Compensation Blog (Oct. Blog: Workers ' Compensation Twitter: jongelman LinkedIn: JonGelman LinkedIn Group: Injured Workers Law & Advocacy Group Author: "Workers' Compensation Law" West-T.

The 4 Keys to Delivering a Personalized Total Rewards Program

Speaker: Sean Luitjens, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at uFlexReward

To attract and retain the best talent in today's competitive market, you need to understand how employees are looking to tailor rewards to their specific needs, all while maximizing their pay value. Is your organization prepared to develop and implement a program to deliver a personalized reward program?

Social Security Announces 5.9 Percent Benefit Increase for 2022

Workers' Compensation

The New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act permits an offset for social security disability benefits against workers' compensation benefits. Gelman, Jon L, Workers’ Compensation Law , 38 NJPRAC 18.1 Percent Benefit Increase for 2022, Workers’ Compensation Blog (Oct.

Is It Your Employer’s Business if You Are Vaccinated?

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Blog (Oct. Gelman of Wayne NJ is the author of NJ Workers’ Compensation Law (Thomson-Reuters) and co-author of the national treatise, Modern Workers’ Compensation Law (Thomson-Reuters). Privacy issues have arisen as employers throughout the U.S.

A Season of Storms: Assessing and Preparing for the Next Pandemic - The 20th Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum

Workers' Compensation

10/8/21 Warehouse Workers' Injuries Are Increasing as Employers Use Artificial Intelligence 9/23/21 Methylene Chloride Continues to be a Fatal Hazard in the Workplace 9/7/21 Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Long COVID 9/7/21 ….

Vaccine Mandate-EEOC: Employers that demonstrate “undue hardship” are not required to accommodate an employee’s request for a religious accommodation

Workers' Compensation

Vaccine Mandate-EEOC: Employers that demonstrate “undue hardship” are not required to accommodate an employee’s request for a religious accommodation , Workers Compensation Blog (Oct. The U.S.

COVID Boosters: What Employees and Employers Need to Know

Workers' Compensation

Where there is an activity that is mutually beneficial to both the employer and the employee, that activity is deemed to be in the course of employment, and any injury or disease resulting from participation in the activity justifies compensability.

6 Ways to Make Sure Total Reward is Communicated Effectively

Your total reward offering may be the best there is, but it's irrelevant if not communicated effectively. Discover the best ways to communicate the value you are providing today.

NJCRIB Requests a 4.9% Premium Decrease for 2022

Workers' Compensation

The NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau [NJCRIB] submitted a filing to the Department of Banking and Insurance seeking a 4.9% Related Articles Methylene Chloride Continues to be a Fatal Hazard in the Workplace 9/7/21 Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Long COVID 9/7/21 Social Security to be Depleted by 2033 9/1/21 COVID Testing: What Employees and Employers Need to Know 8/27/21 Rules Proposed to End NJ Pension Cost Shifting 8/18/21 ….

Mental health insurance coverage is a must for modern employers

Business Management Daily

Compensation and Benefits People ManagementThe prevalence of depression and anxiety in adults has skyrocketed since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, according to the most recent study by Mental Health America.

Biden Administration Targets Occupational Exposure to PFAS

Workers' Compensation

Occupational Exposure to PFAS Target in Biden Administration Actions Workers' Compensation Blog (Oct. Gelman of Wayne NJ is the author of NJ Workers’ Compensation Law (West-Thomson-Reuters) and co-author of the national treatise, Modern Workers’ Compensation Law (West-Thomson-Reuters).

The Great Resignation of 2021 Explained

HR Digest

More and more workers are quitting their job in favor of jobs that come with better compensation and benefits. Compensation Employee Benefits Featured Jobs COVID-19 Great Resignation great resignation of 2021 Labor Department Pandemic

10 Types of Employee Benefits that all Employees Love


Types of employee benefits encompass any indirect compensation to employees. Employee Benefits can range from free coffee at work to a fully-paid vacation. Jobs with better benefits packages are likely to attract better talent. Employee Benefits

Domestic Violence

Florida Workers' Comp

This is, after all, a workers' compensation blog. What does domestic violence have to do with workers' compensation? The Workers' Compensation Hotseat will air live on Thursday, October 28, 2021, 1:00 EDT, with a focus on domestic violence.

Does Bitcoin belong to 401(K) plans?

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Compensation Featured Trends 401(k) plans Bitcoin into a 401(k) crypto asset portfolio crypto investors ETFs investment portfolio mutual fundsAn increasing number of employees now have access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in their 401(k) plans.

Three Important Daubert Lessons

Florida Workers' Comp

This illustrates a common hurdle in exposure cases, including workers' compensation occupational exposure and section 440.151, Fla. This is also true in Florida workers compensation. In Florida workers' compensation proceedings, this can be more critical than in the civil practice. It is very common in workers' compensation that deposition testimony from experts will be their only testimony. In June 2021, the Florida First District court published Huggins v.

Taking the Law

Florida Workers' Comp

I know, by now there is someone out there that is likely repeating that old saw "what does this have to with workers' compensation?" This blog is about workers' compensation)? This story illustrates the efforts for balancing the rights of both sides of a story when it comes to legal proceedings (which happen frequently in litigation of all kinds, including workers' compensation). In the 1990s, I practiced workers' compensation in various Florida venues.

What You Need to Know About Supplemental Wages

Patriot Software

Regular wages aren’t the only compensation you could provide to employees. You might also offer supplemental wages. Not sure what those are? Read on to learn what supplemental pay is and how it is taxed. What are supplemental wages?

The Ins and Outs of Small-Business Insurance

Kollath CPA

Small-business insurance helps cover expensive damage and lawsuits from accidents, natural disasters, professional errors and workers’ compensation claims. The federal government requires every business with employees to have workers’ compensation, unemployment and disability insurance.

Should You Introduce Profit-Sharing — and How?

Kollath CPA

Compensate workers based on their role in the business. All companies, though, have to prove that their profit-sharing plan doesn’t discriminate in favor of highly compensated employees.

14 incredible ideas for work anniversary recognition


Compensating your employees for a big milestone is an effective way to show recognition. Congratulations, you just made it to your tenth year at your job! Unfortunately, your boss barely took notice. You got a brief shoutout in a team meeting, and that was it.

5 PEO services you might not know exist


Compensation services. Did you know that a PEO may offer compensation services, beyond salary surveys? With some PEOs, you can get advice directly from people familiar with the ins and outs of employee compensation.

How Will the Federal Vaccine Mandate Affect Your Post-Acute or Long-Term Care Facility?


In essence, you are encouraging your staff to get vaccinated and offering compensation in the form of a retention bonus for complying with federal regulations.

Great Resignation

Florida Workers' Comp

Old people are leaving the workforce at a rapid pace, and for a variety of reasons according to National Public Radio (NPR) This is a blog about workers' compensation, and without workers, that concept is difficult to frame. There are changes underway in the American workplace. Technology is advancing at an epic pace. See Robot in the News (October 2021). The pandemic is impacting how people work, where they work, and more. See Who is Doing the Work (January 2021).

The Metaverse is Coming

Florida Workers' Comp

This blog is about workers' compensation, which is inextricably tied to work. The meta-verse is coming at you. It may be coming for you. It is likely to impact the way we live, play, and work. Though this threat is real and now, the impact is likely a few years away. However, that timing depends on evolving technology, which is hard to predict. Many of us are striving to accept and adapt technology. But, us old folks are not the future; some of us struggle to be the present.

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EPIC Healthy Weight Initiative

HR Professionals Magazine

Currently, employers report offering more benefits and total compensation to attract and retain employees and have a need for expanded benefits and services for behavioral health issues such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. By Murray Lynn Harber.

Employees Want to Know Their Organization is Focused on Workplace Safety

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Safety training is a worthwhile investment that can pay you back with fewer accidents, better morale and productivity, and even lower insurance premiums and potential workers’ compensation claims.”. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

What are Total Rewards: Here’s A Holistic View


"How do we create compensation and benefits programs that can help us to attract the right talent, retain that talent, and help to engage that talent now and in the future?" This table breaks it down for easier understanding: Compensation. What is compensation?

Across Two Separate Settlements, EPA Commits to Expedite and Strengthen Asbestos Risk Reevaluation Under TSCA

Workers' Compensation

Asbestos exposure in the workplace, for decades, has resulted in an epidemic of workers' compensation claims and civil litigation flowing from its long legacy of illness and death.

National Gratitude Month: 20 Ways To Celebrate It At Work

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Review Compensation. Also Read: A Quick And Simple Guide To Compensation Planning. November ushers in the season of celebrations and gratitude. While you may be thinking about Thanksgiving, there is another equally important holiday— National Gratitude Month!

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How to ask for a pay rise


Salary benchmarking, yearly salary reviews, clear development plans, and visibility of total compensation are all useful ways of supporting this.

In Case You Missed It – Summer 2021

Snell & Wilmer Benefits

CalCurrent Podcast and Equity Compensation for Startups. On May 13, 2021, Phoenix executive compensation and employee benefits partner, Greg Gautam, joined Snell & Wilmer’s “CalCurrent” podcast. On his episode, Greg covered five common pitfalls private companies and startup companies should watch out for when structuring their equity compensation and incentive programs.

Elevate 2021: That’s a Wrap!


It’s important to remain competitive in benefits and compensation offerings as well as flexibility in where and how people work. Elevate 2021 wrapped last week.

ADA reasonable accommodation checklist

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Sometimes, the issue of accommodation comes up because the employee has exhausted workers’ compensation leave, FMLA ( Family and Medical Leave Act) leave, or a similar covered leave but will have difficulty coming back to her job without some changes.