Sat.Jul 30, 2022

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Indirect Costs

InterWest Insurance Services

How often do you find yourself wasting time dealing with unexpected emergencies that take you away from what you do best? Time is the only thing we cannot get back. Unexpected emergencies often result in: Loss of production. Loss of sales. Overtime. Project delays or missed deadlines. Turnover, rehiring, re-training. These are some examples of consequential losses to the business; they can seriously impact the profitability of a company.

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The Happiest Jobs + How to Find Them

HR Digest

Are you looking for your perfect job? Well, we’ve got some great news. You can find it right here, right now—in the Happiest Jobs of 2022! These are the happiest professions that are the most fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. These are the jobs with the happiest employees. They’re also among the toughest to get, so if you’re thinking about trying out one of these positions before committing to taking it on as a full-time gig, give yourself some time to research and decide what

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Purpose vs Mission vs Vision: What Drives What?


Jump to section. What is a purpose? What is a mission? What is a vision? Why are they important? 4 differences between purpose, mission, and vision. 4 similarities. What about the statements? 6 examples of statements. How can a purpose, mission, and vision help you accomplish your goals? Moving forward.

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What Are Stressors And How Can We Fight Them?


Jump to section. What are stressors? 5 common causes of stress. What are the physical effects of stress? How to deal with stressors. 7 stressors in the workplace. How can a coach help with stress? The importance of relaxation. When to seek professional help.

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HR in 2025: Insights & Predictions

What type of worker is most engaged—hybrid, remote, or onsite? What are the drivers of effective leadership? What does the C-suite think HR is most responsible for? And why is a wave of HR resignations more likely in the next 12 months? Get our annual survey report to find out: The #1 challenge of recruiting & hiring Why remote teams are struggling What are the drivers of effective (and ineffective) leadership And lots more!