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4 HDHP trends you don't want to miss

WEX Inc.

PPO deductible Nearly two-thirds of large employers provide their employees with the choice of an HDHP and a traditional health plan , such as a preferred provider organization (PPO). Typically, an employee enrolled in a PPO will have higher premiums and a lower deductible than an employee enrolled in an HDHP.

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3 Tips for Employee Enrollment Solutions After a Merger or Acquisition

Winston Benefits

Mergers and acquisitions can cause a lot of disruption in the employee population. While everyone involved is looking at merging operations and culture, things like employee benefits communication can get lost in the mix. But this puts the success of the merger at risk.


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Mid-Year Changes and How it Affects HSA Contribution Limits | BerniePortal


If an employee enrolls in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) mid-year, how does that affect the amount they can contribute to their health savings account (HSA)? Changing life events in the middle of the year usually means changes to your health insurance plan.

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WTW Engage

HR Lineup

WTW Engage also offers a range of analytics tools, which allow employers to track employee engagement with their benefits programs and identify areas for improvement. Employers can view data on employee enrollment rates, benefit usage, and satisfaction levels, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their benefits programs.

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Why is Employee Benefits Due Diligence Useful?


It’s imperative to use actuarial software to identify inefficiencies within a health plan’s pricing and employee contribution structure, which often reveals downside financial risk based solely on employee enrollment patterns.

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Ask an Expert: Is There a 30-Day Grace Period to Make Changes to Elections in Cafeteria Plans?

InterWest Insurance Services

.” Employees cannot change their minds and make changes to pre-tax cafeteria elections during the plan year, once benefits become effective — unless a special enrollment period as defined under IRC Section 125 applies , or the employer is correcting an administrative error. This is not correct.

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Active vs. Passive Enrollment: Which Should HR Prefer? | BerniePortal


Open enrollment is approaching, which means it's time for HR to begin thinking about strategy—and that strategy needs to include more than just the benefits you're offering. Administrators must consider how to get their employees enrolled in the available benefits. What's the difference? Is there a better option?