3 Tips for Employee Enrollment Solutions After a Merger or Acquisition

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Mergers and acquisitions can cause a lot of disruption in the employee population. While everyone involved is looking at merging operations and culture, things like employee benefits communication can get lost in the mix. Ensuring that employees understand the benefits enrollment and administration process can play a big role in the success of a merger, as a unified approach can help reinforce the culture and boost engagement throughout the new employee population.

Mid-Year Changes and How it Affects HSA Contribution Limits | BerniePortal


If an employee enrolls in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) mid-year, how does that affect the amount they can contribute to their health savings account (HSA)? Changing life events in the middle of the year usually means changes to your health insurance plan.


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Active vs. Passive Enrollment: Which Should HR Prefer? | BerniePortal


Open enrollment is approaching, which means it's time for HR to begin thinking about strategy—and that strategy needs to include more than just the benefits you're offering. Administrators must consider how to get their employees enrolled in the available benefits. Among these approaches are passive enrollment and active enrollment. Considering each is key to successfully preparing for open enrollment.

Employee Spotlight – Talking HRally® Evolution with Lead Implementation Analyst, Brianna Coulson

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Brianna: The employee enrollment experience has been one of the most important improvements Winston makes … Continue reading "Employee Spotlight – Talking HRally ® Evolution with Lead Implementation Analyst, Brianna Coulson". The post Employee Spotlight – Talking HRally<sup>®</sup> Evolution with Lead Implementation Analyst, Brianna Coulson appeared first on Winston Benefits.

The Open Enrollment Changes You Can Expect in 2020

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With open enrollment (Nov. 15) fast approaching, it’s not too early to consider some of the changes that may affect your employeesenrollment experiences. Benefits legislation is constantly in flux, but if you’re prepared, you’ll know what to expect from the 2020 open enrollment process. open enrollment open enrollment changes1 through Dec.

Employers Curtail Health Cost-Shifting to Workers

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One of the health insurance trends that went largely unnoticed in 2021 was that employers halted cost-shifting to their employees by reducing or holding steady workers’ deductibles and other cost-sharing. Firms are also tapping into ways to control drug costs for their employees.

2022 Health Insurance Outlook, Changes

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As we enter 2022, there are a number of changes on the horizon that plan sponsors need to be aware of as they will affect group health plans as well as employees enrolled in those plans.

Broker Compensation Disclosure Rule: New Legislation for Brokers

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If your Health & Welfare Plan has over 100 employees enrolled in any single benefit, you are already required to file an IRS Form 5500 where both direct and indirect compensation is already disclosed.

Why “high deductible” shouldn’t be treated like a dirty word

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The term “high deductible health plan” has often carried with it a negative connotation for employees. According to a recent article from SHRM covering research from the Employees Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), enrollment in an HDHP promotes more conscious health care purchase decisions. For example, 55% of employees enrolled in an HDHP checked whether their health plan would cover their care or medication. Encouraging HSA enrollment.

Ready for a Great Open Enrollment?

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We’ve put together an Open Enrollment timeline in hopes of making the rest of your year just a little less stressful. A solid employee benefits package is crucial for recruiting and retention and has become even more important in the current market — Open Enrollment plays a big part in that. Check out our Open Enrollment Checklist, and make sure you’re still on target for a successful start to your new plan year: Laying the Foundation.

Preparing for Virtual Open Enrollment in 2020

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Preparing for virtual open enrollment in 2020. How employers can utilize employee data and streamline communications for successful virtual open enrollment. Preparing for Virtual Open Enrollment in 2020. Utilizing Employee Data and Streamlining Communications.

Do you need to make benefit changes because of COVID-19?

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This includes employees’ work benefits, particularly pre-tax accounts. For employees with an HSA, Dependent Care FSA, and/or commuter plan, there may be the opportunity to make changes to their accounts. Here are the main updates employees should know about. Money savvy employees enrolled in these accounts are probably aware that one of the benefits of the account (apart from the tax savings) is the ability to make election changes throughout the year.

Taxes 63

IRS Proposal Extending Deadlines for ACA Reports to Individuals

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Specifically, proposed regulations would make permanent an automatic 30-day extension for issuing Forms 1095-B and 1095-C to covered individuals and employees, which would otherwise be due by January 31.

The Role of Benefits Decision Support in the New Normal

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Benefits decision support has come a long way since employees had to fill out endless forms while reading nearly inscrutable jargon explaining what their benefit options were. Health insurance is still difficult for employees to understand and use efficiently.

What will commuting after COVID-19 look like?

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Many have started the process of commuting after COVID-19, leaving employees and employers alike wondering how the transition will unfold. Only available to individuals enrolled in a tax free parking account with BRI. ** Only available to employees enrolled in a tax free mass transit or parking account with BRI. During the change, certain trends have emerged including a focus on reducing contact with shared items. Minimize contact with shared public surfaces.

Taxes 40

How Winston Benefits’ Benefits Administration Technology Helped Update Benefits Communication and Streamline Enrollment for a Food Manufacturer

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During open enrollment we handled 2,575 calls, averaging more than 12 minutes a call, saving HR employees 66 work service days. We’re looking forward to working further with the company to develop new vendor interfaces that can help employees track wellness initiatives, as well as other features. Improved Employee Communications. Understanding benefits is key to employee satisfaction and participation. More Engagement During Enrollment.

Penalties take effect for DC Transit Ordinance

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Under the Sustainable DC Act of 2014, employers with more than 20 employees (including full and part-time employees) will be required to provide one of three commuter benefit options, including: Employee-paid pre-tax benefit. Notify employees of the benefit. Employers must notify covered employees of the commuter benefits offering, including how to obtain additional information regarding the benefits. Explain how to enroll. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

On-site, fully remote, or hybrid? 3 things you must consider before deciding.

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While many companies may be ready to move quickly back to a fully on-site workforce, and others are exploring hybrid or fully remote options, employees have their own expectations and are willing to look for a new position if they aren’t met. Trusting employees to get work done.

Do More With Less in Your HR Department

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However, it highlights the need to use multiple communication channels – especially when it comes to Open Enrollment. We conducted a survey earlier this year to evaluate how employers planned to communicate during Open Enrollment. GAMIFICATION Drive employee engagement during Open Enrollment with gamification using popular gaming or survey platforms. Recruitment -> Employee Retention. What do your employees want out of this job?

FSA eligible expenses — what purchases count?

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Open enrollment is underway for many companies right now and one benefits offering that may be on the menu this year is an FSA. Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck to use for medical or dependent care expenses.

EEOC Considers Limits on Employee Wellness Programs

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On December 7, the EEOC released a set of proposed rules seeking to limit the value of rewards that employees can earn for participating in any program that tracks their health data. The post EEOC Considers Limits on Employee Wellness Programs appeared first on Abel HR.

How to contain employee benefits costs (and why most businesses struggle)


There’s no getting around it – employers pay a hefty sum to provide health care benefits for their employees. per hour, per employee, for health-insurance costs, according to Sept. That presents business leaders an ever-present challenge: how to contain the cost of employee benefits.

How Employee Training Videos Can Help During Open Enrollment

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The open enrollment landscape has changed dramatically thanks to video communications technology like employee training videos. You might think of training videos as only making sense for new employees’ onboarding experiences or other training sessions. But this technology can help your enrollment sign-up and engagement numbers during the crunch time of open enrollment. Happy employees enrolled in optimal benefits packages save money and boost engagement.

FSAs, HSAs, HRAs: What employers need to understand

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You can blame the pandemic — employees are more attuned to health benefits, which means more employees may switch health plans or go into a health plan for the first time next year. You need to know how these accounts differ so you can communicate about them to employees.

FSA receipt requirements: What you need to document

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They are a great add-on to a business’ employee benefits package and help employees pay for the expenses that they need to stay healthy and care for their loved ones. Reimbursement for FSA expenses from an employee’s personal accounts is typically provided through direct deposit.

The Real Key To Talent Development Is Authentic Caring


Learn how to create a mindset shift for yourself and your employees. Enroll in the Best-Self Academy! Everyone must take responsibility for their own evolution. This is the challenge that coaches, managers, and leaders regularly face around the people who they lead.

Common Change Management Mistakes of Digital Transformation

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Many take proactive measures to gradually enact practices like employees working from home or using video and decision-support tools in benefits communications. Many organizations learn the hard way that the only way to implement some employee communications programs, particularly those involving new technology , is to undergo a top-to-bottom digital transformation. And each employee has a decision to make: to go along with or resist the change.

Medicare Series: Part 2 – Understanding how Medicare and COBRA interact

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We will cover two main topics: When someone enrolled in COBRA becomes eligible for Medicare. The two people we are focusing on are a covered employee and the covered employee’s spouse. In other words, a covered employee is someone who had coverage, lost coverage, and enrolled in COBRA for coverage. This person will be referred to as “the covered employee” through the blog. Welcome to Part Two of our Medicare Series.

What You Need to Know About Benefits Enrollment Technology

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Benefits are a crucial part of your company’s compensation package, and could be the reason employees select you over a competitor. However, the benefits enrollment process can be tedious for HR, and both tedious and confusing for employees. Benefits enrollment technology can streamline this process, making it more efficient and less cumbersome for everyone. What do you need to know about benefits enrollment technology to make the right choice?

4 Questions to Ask About Your Benefits Technology

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As you think about the changes you want to make to your employee benefits offerings, now is the time to talk benefits technology too. The first part of the year is a good time to audit what’s working and what’s not, and to go over any feedback you got from employees about the open enrollment process. In addition, talking with your vendors now gives you and them plenty of time to implement and test changes before this year’s open enrollment.

How to Help Employees Make Benefits Decisions

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Your employees make a lot of decisions during their work day, but one of the most important decisions they’ll make comes once a year: what to do about their employee benefits. If an employee enrolls in a high-deductible health plan without really understanding the ins and outs of how it works, they may get sticker shock the first time they visit the doctor. Here are some tips for helping employees make benefits decisions. Decision tools on the enrollment portal.

Buyer Beware: Not All Benefits Technology is Created Equal

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When it comes to benefits technology, don’t be wooed by the promise of carefree enrollment and administration. There are benefits administration platforms to select and manage plans, automate payroll, manage retirement plans, onboard new employees, track applicants, measure satisfaction and track time off—all in one or separately. For example, if your employees enroll in benefits on paper and you manually enter elections, moving to a tech platform will save time.

Help Employees Understand the HSA Value Proposition

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Educate employees on how to use these funds for current and future healthcare expenses. Health savings accounts can be a good deal for employees. High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are on the rise as a growing number of employers turn to consumer-directed health plans to try to curb costs—the portion of employees enrolled in HDHPs rose from 26.3% Unfortunately, many employees aren’t getting the full HSA value. Use Employee Education to Educate about HSA Value.

Compensation Plan Template Samples For Workers

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A compensation plan template is used by the organizations to reveal the salaries, perks, benefits, bonuses and other associated settlement that will be offered to the employee. This way the workers will be paid to the employees for every extra hour they work as overtime.

HDHPs can cover more preventive services

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Reason: With certain exceptions, HDHPs can’t start reimbursing employees until they meet those high deductibles. The IRS created a safe harbor, which is an exception to the rule that HDHPs can’t reimburse employees for first-dollar coverage for preventive services or items. IRS: Due to cost barriers, employees who’ve been diagnosed with certain chronic conditions forgo care, which, in turn, only exacerbates their medical conditions.

Compliance checklist for HR professionals for year-end and beyond


Throw open enrollment into the mix and your HR department has its work cut out from now until year-end (and beyond). Here are a few areas you want to be sure to include on your checklist: Addressing open enrollment and benefit plan participation. When it comes to compliance-related issues around employee benefits, more likely than not, you’ll need to handle some tasks before your actual open enrollment period opens, while others will be addressed afterward.

Improving the open enrollment process: Part 1


Time to start open enrollment planning. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s also time for HR professionals to think about their plans for open enrollment. Prepping for open enrollment now can result in a smoother process come fall/winter, as well as increased employee awareness and knowledge of the benefits plans your company will be offering. To help you get started, here are six steps for improving your open enrollment process: Step #1: Reflect.