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The Cost of Unlimited PTO

HR Digest

Unlimited PTO is one of those workplace policy perks that is currently getting some attention globally. The term “unlimited PTO” simply stands for “Unlimited Paid-Time-Off.” Unlimited PTO is becoming a thing for a lot of companies. In this article, we’ll be talking about all there is to know about the unlimited PTO.

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Creating an Unlimited PTO Policy

Patriot Software

Offering paid time off (PTO) is a benefit many small business owners extend to employees. Although the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not typically require PTO, many business owners provide paid vacation and personal days. And, some employers may even offer unlimited PTO policies.

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New PTO policies signal the future of employee benefits

Employee Benefit News

Company-wide vacations, PTO minimums and paying employees to get off the grid are emerging amid the emphasis on personalization.

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9 Things HR Needs to Know About Auditing a PTO Policy | BerniePortal


Whether reworking your organization’s time off benefits or making a few changes, find out what HR needs to know about auditing a company’s PTO policy.

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Hot Summer Topic—PTO and Vacation Benefits

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Whether it’s a family road trip with fruit snacks and beef jerky, getting another stamp or two on your passport, or enjoying your own community with a staycation, time off is a hot topic for many employees across the United States as […] The post Hot Summer Topic—PTO and Vacation Benefits appeared first on Word on Benefits.

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Unlimited PTO Pros And Cons: How To Use It


What is an unlimited PTO policy? Positives and negatives of unlimited PTO. How to use unlimited PTO. Jump to section. Take off to better work-life balance.

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Unlimited PTO—Surprise! It’s Not Unlimited.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Unlimited paid time off (PTO): the benefits trend that has rapidly grown, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. Read more > The post Unlimited PTO—Surprise! How exactly are employers able to offer a limitless vacation. It’s Not Unlimited. appeared first on Word on Benefits.

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