The 6 Keys For CIOs Managing Shadow IT

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Even if your systems are secure, it doesn’t mean every device employees use will be. Managing hardware, software, and personal devices make it a never-ending battle for IT leaders to maintain security. A CIOs job is never done.

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A Guide to Keep Your Business’s IT Services Smooth as Your Employees Work from Home

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Even after that health scare has passed, it is still likely that a large percentage of the workforce will telecommute. However, many business owners may worry that their IT services may suffer as […]. Today, many employees work from home.


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6 Best IT Skills to Learn in 2020

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Technology has greatly evolved over the years, and it has now become an essential part of almost every company in the world. That said, the need for reliable IT services has skyrocketed, and companies both big and small are on a lookout for IT professionals who will join their collective.

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Umbrella Insurance: Do You Need It?

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Like an umbrella that covers your head to protect you from a rainstorm, an umbrella liability policy “covers” your other property insurance, thereby providing additional protection. Policy benefits start where other polices end. For example, after claims exceed $300,000 of liability coverage on an underlying auto or homeowners policy.

Organizational Agility – Why It’s Crucial and How to Make It Happen?

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No matter where you’re located, what you do, and how big your company is, it’s crucial to optimize your workforce and make sure everyone’s bringing their A-game to the office every single day.

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What Is a Life Settlement and How Does It Work?

Kollath CPA

For older adults struggling to pay health care costs or who need long-term care in retirement, or for those who are younger but have terminal illnesses, it can be a lifeline. What Is a Life Settlement and How Does It Work? Do your loved ones qualify for it?

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Bongo Bingo- what is it, and how to play it?

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Bingo is a game that is played with balls and cards. The players match the numbers on the cards with the ones drawn from balls randomly by the caller, who is the game host. When the selected numbers are found in a row on a player’s card, the player shouts “bingo.”

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6 Ingenious Reasons Business Professional Should Get a TOGAF Certification

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If not, it should be the next thing you do because TOGAF certification means you are working with a top-tiered IT architect. An IT architect uses The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Have you or anyone in your company ever worked with someone with a TOGAF certification? The architect uses TOGAF for their planning, designing, and development […].

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10 Reasons It’s Hard to Blog Consistently but You Can Learn How

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It’s not easy to find the time to blog. It can be difficult to write a compelling headline that will entice people into reading your content. And it takes a lot of effort and patience to create a well-written post, only for it to go unnoticed by readers.

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How Will We Emerge from the Pandemic? It Depends on How We Process It

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While it’s certainly true that no two pandemics are alike, it’s also true that no two emotional responses to a pandemic are alike. Whenever we feel a distressing emotion, there are two primary ways in which we can process it: suppression and reappraisal.

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The Huge Cost of Bad Hires — And How to Stop It

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When a single new hire isn’t the best fit for the position or for the company, organizations can chalk it up to bad luck. here’s one word that makes C-level executives, human resources departments, operations personnel, sales teams and financial staffs shake with fear: Turnover.

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Is it Time to Outsource? 5 Ways It Benefits Your Business

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For any growing business, there will come a time where you have to consider making changes to how you operate. One of the most difficult decisions for expanding businesses is whether or not to outsource aspects of the business.

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Your Paycheck After Taxes: 7 Ways to Stretch It

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It might have been from your job in high school, and it was time to collect your first-ever paycheck after working for two weeks. You opened it (or logged online) to see that glorious number — but thanks to taxes, […].

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5 IT Services Career Paths You Can Follow

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A business must incorporate an online strategy in its growth plan. This means that there is a soaring demand for IT professionals. The following is a list of IT career paths you can consider if you want to benefit from this technology trend.

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Vegan Clothing and Its Growing Importance in Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends, by their inherent nature, are bound to change—a lot. Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing interest in vegan clothing and accessories in fashion. More and more brands are starting to release vegan collections and moving towards better alternatives.

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Modern Ways To Give Your Business the Boost It Needs

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Now more than ever, it can feel like a challenge to run a business. With the help of the internet it has become easier than ever to launch, run and manage a company. However, because of this, there is more competition than there used to be, as well.

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Is Outsourcing Mobile App Development Safe? Should I Opt It?

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Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash It has been a growing trend to outsource app development projects in our time thanks to an array of advantages such as access to a diverse talent pool, the scope of enhancing business agility, boosting efficiency with fast-paced development and cost advantage. But at the same time, outsourcing […].

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Are Extended Warranties Worth the Cost? It Depends

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Shopping season is in high gear and it happens almost every time that someone buys large appliances, a computer, a cell phone, a big screen television, a new or used car, and exercise equipment, such as a treadmill. service contract or protection plan) is purchased separately from the purchased item that it is for. Like term life insurance, it is a form of insurance for “big ticket" purchases. However, the best answer to this question is probably “it depends.”

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What CBD Oil for Dogs Is & What It Can Do

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Having a non-talking being living with you is making it pretty difficult to determine what it might be thinking or feeling at a particular point in time. Caring for animals is not exactly a stress-free occupation, am I right?

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Covid: What I learned and how it will affect my outlook for 2022

Ahmed's Universe

BARCELONA As we reach the end of Year 2 of the pandemic, I can't help but wonder what good, obedient citizens most of us have been and a fat lot of good it did us. I will wear it indoors, I will be cautious, I will enforce social distancing.

Information overload: How to manage it


At that time, car phones were about to become the latest communication craze, just like the computer before it. Information, it seemed, was about to come from everywhere. And now it does. And as their manager, it’s up to you the help see them through. It never stops.

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Improving Security During the COVID-19 Crisis: 5 Things You Need to Know

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It’s no secret that small companies have seen massive changes due to the coronavirus. Many continue to lose business as they stay closed, while others prepare to gear up for when their state decides to reopen.

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Industrial Painting: How it Transforms Your Workspace and Increase Productivity

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To an industrial plant or a business facility, a painting job is highly essential because it provides many benefits. And yet, some owners would forego such an important maintenance task in the hope of minimising the costs.

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Wholesale Liquidation Ecommerce: What is It?

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One of the biggest challenges of any Ecommerce business is maintaining the balance between inventory and costs. How do you manage how much you invest in inventory, how much you keep on hand, and when to order more inventory to ensure you have enough to meet demand?

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Warehouse Hacks That Can Improve Its Efficiency

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It is indeed true that working in a warehouse company can be a hard, harsh, and a demanding job for any employee. More often, operation in warehouse spaces especially in Kansas City can be painstaking. However, there are some processes that you can do so that you can improve and lighten these processes. Here are […]. Business Leadership

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7 employee behaviors it pays to recognize

Achievers - Recruiting

Recognition is essential to retaining and engaging employees, but few organizations provide enough of it. Before your company can implement an impactful recognition program, it must define what behaviors it wants to recognize.

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Careers helping people (have you got what it takes?)

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Today, we’re going to explore some career ideas specifically relating to professions that focus on helping people. Let’s dig in. Healthcare A healthcare career is one of the main types of occupations relating to helping people (check out occupational therapy schools for degree programs).

Do You Enjoy Your Phone or Feel Trapped by It?

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About six years ago, a friend of mine was sitting in a restaurant with his wife in a small town in France and observed that almost everyone in the restaurant was looking at their smartphone. Then he noticed he and his wife were doing the same.

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Why It’s Important for Military-Owned Businesses to Thrive

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Here’s a quick look at why it’s so vital that military-owned businesses thrive in our nation. There are over 30 million small businesses throughout this great nation. As of last year, just over 2.5 million of these small businesses were majority-owned by military veterans.

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Confused about buying Weed in Canada? Get it online.

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However, as more countries legalize cannabis and boost their efforts in this area, the opportunity to buy it through various ways is opening.

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Time-Blocking: What is it?

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It helps you zoom in on important things and keeps your focus on one thing at a time. It’s also helpful to set a time for unexpected tasks that may come up within the day, such as answering emails and replying to messages. The post Time-Blocking: What is it?

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What Employers Really Mean When They Say You’re Overqualified (And What You Can Do About It)

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It means that the reason for the rejection is somewhere else. . It could be your attitude, it could be the problem with the HR manager to imagine you in a certain role, or there are some other reasons for rejection. Let’s see what it really means and what you can do about it. .

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Help Desk Software for Small Teams

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Business Leadership Technology business combinations business leaders business outcomes business plan business solutions business tips help desk IT Solutions small business software tech technology

Post-pandemic employee turnover: Why it’s happening and what to do about it


For others, the pandemic presented personal challenges – such as caring for sick family members or dealing with one’s own illness, or taking on extra childcare responsibilities while working from home – that made it an inopportune time to pursue major changes in one’s professional life.

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Proof of Income Explained: What Is It and When Do You Need It?

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Over 157 million Americans earn an income. This is obviously what pays the rent and puts food on the table. But for some lucky people, their income can also open the door to other opportunities, such as apartment rentals, car purchases, and even house purchases.

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Using Recognition to Drive Engagement: Inside Scotiabank’s Pay It Forward Campaign


Scotiabank was running on a legacy platform from the early 2000’s before upgrading to its Applause 2.0 Let’s Pay It Forward with recognition. The campaign, named Pay it Forward , encouraged employees to view each received recognition as an opportunity to pay it forward and recognize another peer. Scotiabank’s recognition program and Pay It Forward campaign truly aims to seek out employees that have gone above and beyond their normal duties.

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CIPHR unveils its autumn HR webinar programme


CIPHR announces upcoming topics for its autumn webinars. HR software provider CIPHR has revealed the latest topics for its autumn series of expert-led webinars, which will showcase invaluable insights tailored specifically for HR and L&D teams.

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