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How to write an inspiring vision statement and 4 great examples


There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of culture and a compelling vision statement. Vision statements inspire potential and existing employees, encouraging them to be a part of your exciting future. What is a vision statement? The difference between vision and mission statements.

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Protect Your Workers’ Eyesight with Proper Design, Vision Benefits

InterWest Insurance Services

According to The Vision Council, the average U.S. Looking at such screens for too long can result in dry and irritated eyes, blurred vision and eye fatigue, as well as headaches. Consider vision benefits If you don’t already do so, consider offering your workers vision benefits.

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Vision expenses piling up? Use your HSA or FSA

WEX Inc.

However, for participants of health savings accounts (HSAs) or medical flexible spending accounts (FSAs) , there are ways to alleviate the financial burden associated with vision-related costs. Let’s explore a few common vision-related questions as it relates to your HSA or medical FSA. Can vision expenses be covered by HSAs and FSAs?

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Safeguarding Homeownership: CFPB’s Vision for Fair Appraisals

Professionals Alternative

We’ll also examine the human element in appraisals, and how the CFPB is shaping tomorrow with its vision for fair appraisals. Shaping tomorrow: CFPB’s vision for fair appraisals The CFPB’s vision for fair appraisals is one in which technology and human expertise work together to promote fairness and equity.

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Why Vision Benefits Are Nothing To Bat an Eye About

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

August is National Eye Exam Month, which makes it a spectacular time to review vision benefit offerings and communicate to employees/plan participants the importance of eye care. Read more > The post Why Vision Benefits Are Nothing To Bat an Eye About appeared first on Word on Benefits. More than half.

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Male infertility benefits: A vision for inclusive and supportive workplace

Employee Benefit News

It is not just a matter of fairness, but also a strategic move toward fostering a culture that recognizes and supports diverse needs.

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BCO’s new research agenda sets out a new vision for the office

Workplace Insight

The publication aims to lay the groundwork for a new vision of the office as an economically productive, occupier-first, technologically enabled and sustainable part of our built environment. Image: Sedus The post BCO’s new research agenda sets out a new vision for the office appeared first on Workplace Insight.

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