How to write an inspiring vision statement and 4 great examples


There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of culture and a compelling vision statement. Vision statements inspire potential and existing employees, encouraging them to be a part of your exciting future. What is a vision statement? Examples of great vision statements.

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Why Vision Benefits Are Nothing To Bat an Eye About

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

August is National Eye Exam Month, which makes it a spectacular time to review vision benefit offerings and communicate to employees/plan participants the importance of eye care. Read more > The post Why Vision Benefits Are Nothing To Bat an Eye About appeared first on Word on Benefits.


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How to Write an Inspiring Team Vision Statement

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EXCLUSIVE: Visionable launches financial wellbeing app

Employee Benefits

EXCLUSIVE: Software firm Visionable has introduced app-based financial wellbeing support for its 43 members of staff as of this month. The post EXCLUSIVE: Visionable launches financial wellbeing app appeared first on Employee Benefits.

5 Ways Talent Development Makes Your Company Unbeatable

As an HR leader, your goal for talent development is to create an environment where everyone is motivated and supported to achieve a shared vision of success. By investing in the right software, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide!

HR technology vision, investment, case and product selection

LACE Partners

We defined the global HR technology vision and ambition for a global HR cloud software across 60 countries and 17 languages. The team defined a HR technology vision and roadmap which, when completed , brought the following outcomes: .

Dental and Vision Benefits Are Inexpensive, and a Big Hit with Workers

InterWest Insurance Services

Employers nationwide are looking for ways to attract and retain talent and differentiate themselves from competing employers, and many are looking to the two most popular voluntary benefits: employee dental and vision plans. For many years, dental and vision plans were employer-paid.

How telehealth tools helped 64% of VSP Vision's employees better manage their care

Employee Benefit News

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Purpose vs Mission vs Vision: What Drives What?


What is a vision? 4 differences between purpose, mission, and vision. How can a purpose, mission, and vision help you accomplish your goals? Jump to section. What is a purpose? What is a mission? Why are they important? 4 similarities. What about the statements?

May Is Healthy Vision Month and Vision Benefits Are More Desired Than Ever

Winston Benefits

The National Eye Institute is celebrating Healthy Vision Month in May, and it’s focusing in particular on women’s eye health. eye health vision benefits healthy vision monthWomen are more susceptible to a bevy of eye conditions, so it’s very important for them (as well as men) to get routine checkups to maintain eye health.

Keeping your employees’ vision aligned with the company’s vision


They need to understand how their individual contributions connect to the overall vision. You simply need to regularly communicate the company’s vision and goals, support each employee in their role, and provide the context of purpose and impact so they will be inherently motivated to meet and exceed the goals you set. The post Keeping your employees’ vision aligned with the company’s vision appeared first on [engage]- The Employee Success and Engagement Blog by Achievers.

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2020 vision: Make your productivity soar

Business Management Daily

The post 2020 vision: Make your productivity soar appeared first on Business Management Daily. Many workplaces have evolved into cultures that not only encourage multitasking, but demand it based on the workload, resources and time-sensitive demands.

The Latest Trends in Vision Benefits

Winston Benefits

Eye care is healthcare, so it’s vital that employers offer the kinds of vision benefits employees are looking for. August is National Eye Exam Month, which makes now the perfect time to examine the vision benefits your company offers and ensure they match up to industry standards. It’s not too late to talk to your benefits partner about the vision benefits at your company to see if you want to make some changes before open enrollment.

5 Steps to Create a Vision Board That Does Its Job


What are vision boards? How do vision boards work? How to make a vision board for manifestation. How to create a vision board online. Manifestation ideas for your vision board. How to use your vision board. Jump to section.

How to Create a Vision Board on Pinterest

HR Bartender

Vision boards can be a good way to do that. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. I’m thinking a perfect place to keep a vision board is Pinterest. If you’re looking for a way to stay focused on a goal, consider creating a vision board to help make that happen. Not ready to share your vision board with the whole world? Your vision board can be portable.

Tracy Layney Makes Way for Her Vision

HR Digest

The post Tracy Layney Makes Way for Her Vision appeared first on The HR Digest. There’s a global movement happening right now that is empowering HR professionals to elevate their voice and strategic contribution to the company in building a better workplace.

Use one account to cover OOP expenses for dental and vision

Benefit Resource Inc.

If you have an HSA but you want to let the balance build up, you can pair it with a Limited FSA to cover out of pocket vision and dental expenses. Let’s go over how it might look to use vision and dental insurance with a Limited FSA to cover out-of-pocket expenses. As the title indicates, we’ll only be addressing dental and vision expenses. Insurance takes care of a lot vision and dental expenses. Vision materials (e.g.

What You Need to Know About Vision Benefits (And How They’re Changing)

Winston Benefits

Vision & Learning Month is a great time to revisit the vision benefits you’re offering to determine whether they’re as good as they can be. And employees are responding: According to the latest annual Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey, vision is the only benefit to experience increased enrollment. voluntary benefits employee benefits vision benefits

Company vision and values are more than just a plaque on the wall: Help employees see the bigger picture


With respect to employee engagement, all organizational performance starts with clear and compelling vision and core values that underscore how that mission will be achieved. A clearly communicated vision and statement of core values give employees something to rally around. The monotonous daily grind suffered by many employees is more manageable if the company values and vision are constantly alive, communicated, and recognized. What is your company’s vision?

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Fringe Benefit Analysts

Fringe Benefit Analysts is an experienced, full-service, health benefits consulting firm providing disability insurance policies in addition to small business health insurance , vision , dental , group life , accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and other voluntary employee benefits.

Effective Renovation Strategies for Your Business

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Business Leadership business leaders business outcomes business plan business solutions business tips green leader renovation small business Strategy VisionThere are plenty of reasons to consider renovating the space your business operates from.

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Top 5 Company Missions and Values


Vision, Mission, Values… Parsing the Vocabulary of Inspiration. Although a variety of terms can be used, each company statement usually expresses some guiding vision or purpose, followed by a set of practices or behaviors that aim to realize that purpose. The first sentence of their vision states, “Our vision is a Networked Society where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.”

What is Group Health Insurance?

Fringe Benefit Analysts

They may also choose from additional insurance products—à la carte style—such as vision and dental. Along with group health insurance, we are experts in dental , vision and disability options for you and your employees. Why is Health Insurance Important? . It’s no secret.

Eye Exams Are Important in Protecting Overall Health

Winston Benefits

Vision insurance is often seen as less important than health or dental coverage. Some people are lucky enough to have perfect vision, so they don’t need glasses or contacts the same way everyone needs routine physicals or dental exams. eye health vision insuranceIt’s still important to have routine eye exams, however, to protect the health of one’s eyes and other important systems.

How “One Culture” Made MGM Resorts International a Billion-Dollar Brand


The company was recently recognized as one of Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ for 2013 in the United States , for its specific achievements in vision and values. MGM Resorts’ vision and values are the vehicles by which it achieves success—and also responsible for its epic comeback post-financial crisis of 2009. But what good are vision and values without reinforcement and the right inspiration from the top?

5 Ways Managers Can Transform Themselves into Leaders


Speaking of vision. Commit to Your Vision. By contrast, leaders are committed to their vision. Change your vision of commitment before you commit to your vision. A quick search on indicates that there are more than 187,000 books with “leadership” or related words in the title. That’s a lot of content written on a single topic. However, the word “leader” has been applied to so many different areas of activity that it has become meaningless.

The Current State of Employee Engagement and How to Make It Better


Focus on your mission and vision. A mission and vision statement is essentially a summary of the aims, values and direction of your company. But if your employees aren’t aligned to, or even aware of, your company’s mission and vision, how can you expect them to move forward as a whole towards the same goals? Focus on your company’s mission and vision, and start strategizing on how to build more awareness of those core, guiding principles within your organization.

Ways to Help Your Business Achieve Its Goals

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Business Leadership business outcomes business tips Engagement excellence goals Growth Improvement innovation Inspiration small business Success Team Building Team Work Vision WorkplaceFor your business to succeed, it has to achieve its goals. But how can you make sure that happens? Here are some tips to help you discover ways that your business can make, and achieve its goals. Let Your Employees Set Their Own Goals It’s always better if the team as a whole sets their […].

Why Payroll Is the Partner HR Needs to Build a Strong Benefits Strategy

American Payroll Association

Medical, dental, and vision care options no longer add up to a full benefits package. Payroll and HR have never needed each other more. Employees today prioritize their financial health, and that’s rapidly changing their pay and benefits expectations.

Which Benefits Funding Strategy Is Best for Your Business?

Nava Benefits

There may be a better funding strategy out there for your team, goals, and vision for the future. And we're here to help you find it

Meet the Elite 8 Winners Recognized for Exceptional Commitment to Employee Engagement


Leader transparency and interaction is a priority for them: their CEO visits most of their locations around the world every year to speak with associates, answer questions and share the long-term vision. Vision & Values. The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Awards aim to encourage companies to reflect on the work environments they’ve curated.

Indonesia’s Sari Roti Switches to Darwinbox’s Unified HRMS to Enhance Its Employee Experience


In an effort to provide a unified, anytime-anywhere employee experience to its 5000+ distributed & diverse workforce, Sari Roti, Indonesia’s leading manufacturer of bread items, has partnered with us to digitize their HR function and bring this vision to fruition.

How to lead an employee resource group (ERG) for your organization


Vision and mission. – Vision and mission. PRO TIP: Your ERG’s vision and mission may look something like those developed by Achievers Proud, or completely different, depending on your aspirations.

How Does Dental Insurance Work? | BerniePortal


As part of that enrollment process, employers often offer ancillary benefits like dental and vision insurance as well, but unlike health coverage , dental plans can be relatively easier to understand and compare.

Webinar Invite – Introducing a New and Transformative Employee Benefits Model

Joe Markland

In this webinar we will cover the following: Our Why – The Vision Overview New Technologies that enable this change The Old Math vs. the New Math of Employee Benefits The Solution Overview Improving Heath Care Benefits to Employers and Employees Target Market Opportunities Why and how you should be paid. April 7 – 12:00 – 1:00 EDT. Register Now. We would like to invite you to be a part of something new that will transform the employee benefits business.