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Employee retention strategies… the trick to keeping your talent

Employee Benefits

Employee retention is an ongoing theme for employers and HR professionals, and for good reason. It’s more cost-effective to invest in employee retention strategies than it is to attract, onboard and train new starts. Are you at high risk of high employee turnover? Creating an enviable company culture Values matter.

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Employee Retention Strategies Go Beyond Competitive Salaries

HR Digest

employees quit their jobs in a year, indicating an average of 4.2 With numbers as big as these and burnout at an all-time high, it becomes increasingly important to take employee retention strategies seriously and explore what they can do to connect with their employees. How to Improve Employee Retention?


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Digging Deeper Into Employee Retention Strategies

HR Digest

We moved far too quickly from the “Great Resignation” to the era of mass layoffs and it seems that employee retention strategies were lost in the transition somewhere in between. This is why we need to return to devising creative ways to retain employees to ensure organizations stay whole. What Is Employee Retention?

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3 Employee Retention Best Practices


Here are the most effective employee retention best practices that reinforce productive behaviors and deepen job satisfaction. If you’re not using all of these employee retention best practices, it may be a contributing factor to your retention woes. million recognitions over the course of six years.

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The Future of Employee Benefits: Trends to Retain and Attract Top Talent

Speaker: Sharell Thomas-Hodge - Total Rewards Director, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

Employee preferences are also evolving. The key to employee retention and attraction in this new era is a holistic approach to your total rewards strategy. As a result, benefits products and services have evolved and will continue to do so.

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PayrollOrg Watches for Fixes to the Employee Retention Credit


House of Representatives on issues with claiming the employee retention credit. PayrollOrg’s Government Relations Division attended a hearing held by the U.S.

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Top 30 Employee Retention Strategies for the "New" Work World!

Vantage Circle

Retain your best employees with these Top 30 Employee Retention Strategies and build a positive work atmosphere to promote engagement.

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What Is the Top HR Priority in 2021? Attracting and Retaining Talent

As employers look to restaff, incorporating employee retention efforts is vital. Flexible workforce policies and practices will remain essential, including a strong focus on emotional wellbeing, because resiliency will continue to rely on agility in adapting to change.