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Workers’ Comp Insurers Continue Cutting Their Rates

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Despite the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau recommending that benchmark rates in California be increased in the last two years, the rates that insurance companies are charging for coverage continue falling. Blog InterWest Insurance Services workers' comp


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Auto Insurance: Strategies to Save

Money Talk

One of the largest items in household budgets is car insurance. According to Bankrate, the average annual cost of car insurance in June 2022 was $1,771 per year ($148 per month) for full coverage and $545 for just the minimum coverage required by state law. Of course, individual insurance premiums vary widely according to multiple factors (e.g., Do you want to save money on car insurance without sacrificing needed coverage?

State Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Bases for 2023

American Payroll Association

Several states have released their state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxable wage bases for 2023

How to Achieve Your Cybersecurity Goals for Employee Data

Speaker: Gallagher

Join our employee benefits compliance experts as they address the current state of cyber, best practices when developing and maintaining a cybersecurity program for employer-sponsored benefits, and resources to help you meet cybersecurity goals for your employee data.

Vacant Buildings Pose Risks, Insurance Challenges

InterWest Insurance Services

This can lead to costly problems and loss of insurance coverage. Insurance implications. If a building is actively occupied and someone conducts business there, the risks of vandalism and what insurers term “malicious mischief” against that property are relatively low.

Individual health insurance vs. group health insurance


If you’re offering health benefits for the first time, or are considering changing up your benefits strategy, it's common for employers to compare a traditional group health insurance plan with individual health insurance reimbursement options, like health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs).

Umbrella Insurance: Do You Need It?

Money Talk

Like an umbrella that covers your head to protect you from a rainstorm, an umbrella liability policy “covers” your other property insurance, thereby providing additional protection. Umbrella policies provide coverage for $1 million, or million-dollar increments above a policyholder's underlying auto, boat, and/or homeowners/renters insurance liability limits. To summarize, umbrella insurance protects policyholders’ assets from large claims when they are found at fault.

Excess and surplus insurance


Insurance helps business owners cover their risks – but what if the risk is so great or unique that traditional insurance companies don’t want to cover it? As Investopedia explains, admitted carriers are licensed to operate in the state where they sell insurance products.

Construction Firm Tips for Avoiding Insurance Disasters

InterWest Insurance Services

For these reasons, it’s important that you understand your insurance coverages and that you know how to address any deficiencies that may exist in your risk management strategy. Remember, some large projects and lenders require that you are covered by only an A-rated insurer.

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Fringe Benefit Analysts

That’s where disability insurance comes in. What is Disability Insurance? Disability insurance can replace your lost income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. Think of it as insurance for your paycheck, which is likely your most valuable asset.

What does health insurance cover?


Without insurance, Healthcare.gov estimates an accident leading to a broken leg can cost up to $7,500 to fix, and an average three-day hospital stay can reach up to $30,000. Census Bureau says roughly 91% of all Americans are now covered by some form of health insurance.

Single-payer health insurance could be right around the corner

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What is interchange insurance?


Interchange insurance is a form of insurance coverage that protects truck drivers or trucking companies against liability for damage to a trailer which, although not their property, is in their possession or control at the time of the loss. What does trailer interchange insurance cover?

2022 Health Insurance Outlook, Changes

InterWest Insurance Services

In addition, new rulemaking is likely to be introduced in 2022 that will affect health plans, including non-discrimination rules for wellness plans and new rules governing what must be included on insurance plan ID cards. Blog InterWest Insurance Services health insurance

Alleviating Health Insurance Burden on Employees a Top Priority: Poll

InterWest Insurance Services

Blog InterWest Insurance Services health insuranceAs the 2023 group health open enrollment season nears, more employers have heard concerns among their staff and are focusing on affordability and easier access to health care services, according to a new study.

What is captive insurance?


Captive insurance is an increasingly popular form of commercial self-insurance in which the insurance company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insured. The insured may be a single parent company or a group of companies. An Option for Sophisticated Insureds.

Kentucky Lowers Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base

American Payroll Association

APA's list of 2022 state unemployment insurance taxable wage bases has been updated to reflect a change by Kentucky that lowers its wage base

What Is Unemployment Insurance?

Patriot Software

That money comes from unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is funded by payroll taxes. Unemployment insurance is something you should have a basic understanding of as a business […] READ MORE.

The Ultimate Guide to HR Tech in the Insurance Industry


The insurance industry is in the midst of a significant transformation, on the path to explosive growth over the next few years. This article discusses the insurance industry landscape, and how HR technology can accelerate the efficiency and growth of insurance companies.

Delays, Higher Insurance Costs Burden Owners, Contractors

InterWest Insurance Services

Increasing construction project delays are combining with a hardening market for builder’s risk and liability insurance to create headaches for project owners and contractors. Insurers’ response. This is happening at a time of persistently tight insurance market conditions.

Most Workers Make Bad Health Insurance Decisions

InterWest Insurance Services

Even though the majority of workers receive health insurance coverage on the job, a new survey has found that many of them understand surprisingly little about their health plans and are leaving money on the table.

Commercial Property Insurance Gets Scarce in At-Risk Areas

InterWest Insurance Services

Commercial property insurance rates remain stubbornly high in California for businesses with properties that are susceptible to wildfire risks. To make matters worse, more insurers are either scaling back or ceasing to cover businesses in these areas, resulting in many companies scrambling to find replacement coverage. What insurers are doing. To put it simply: there is a major insurance crunch in those areas. Policies can often be customized for the insured.

Gen Z, Millennials Grow Disillusioned with Their Health Insurance

InterWest Insurance Services

Surprise bills and billing errors are driving growing dissatisfaction among Millennials and Gen Zers with their health insurance, a new study has found. Additionally, the study found that: 39% of Millennials are unsatisfied with their health insurance options.

Can you have two health insurance plans?


Navigating the world of health insurance can be tricky, especially if you’ve found yourself with more than one health insurance plan to figure out. If you’re new to dual insurance, then this article is for you! We’ll cover: Why someone might have two health insurance plans.

Inflation Could Hit Group Health Insurance Premiums

InterWest Insurance Services

The health care sector is not immune to the effects of spiking inflation, and the increasing cost of care is likely to spill over into health insurance — but it’s uncertain by how much.

Group coverage vs. individual health insurance cost


Deciding whether to enroll in a group health insurance plan through your employer or to purchase your own individual health insurance plan can be a confusing decision to make. How exactly do individual health insurance premiums compare to group health insurance premiums?

Does homeowners’ insurance cover injury liability?


Now you’re wondering – does homeowners’ insurance cover the injury? In some cases, your home insurance policy may provide coverage, but it’s important to know the common exclusions, limitations and requirements. . Homeowners’ Insurance and Personal Liability Coverage .


Government maintains national insurance contributions freeze

Employee Benefits

Autumn budget 2022: The government has decided to maintain the current freeze on employers’ national insurance (NI) contribution thresholds for a further two years. The post Government maintains national insurance contributions freeze appeared first on Employee Benefits.

How to become an insurance broker


There’s no doubt that the insurance industry is tricky to navigate. That’s why insurance brokers are critical in helping consumers pick and choose plans that are right for them. Bureau of Labor , employment of insurance brokers is projected to grow 7% between 2020 to 2030.

How Much Does Individual Health Insurance Cost?


Many people assume that individual health insurance is more expensive than group health insurance. Note: Individual health insurance is purchased by an individual for themselves or their family, and group health insurance is purchased by an employer for employees.

Health Insurance Considerations for Workers Who Move Out of State

InterWest Insurance Services

But while these arrangements can be a boon for workers, they can make it difficult when it comes to your workers’ group health insurance. If all of your staff are working in a single location, city or state, there are usually plenty of options for group health insurance.

Accident Plan Insurance 101


However, having an accident insurance plan can help relieve some of that financial burden. With a typical accident insurance plan, enrolled participants receive a lump-sum benefit for injuries sustained from an accident. Wishing you had accident plan insurance?

How to cancel your health insurance policy


Open enrollment is a popular time to switch up your health insurance, but it isn't the only time you can cancel your current policy. Individual Health Insurance Group Health Insurance Health Insurance Options

Bobtail insurance explained


If you drive a big rig, or if you manage a fleet that includes tractor-trailer equipment, you need to understand bobtail insurance. In this article, we’ll explain what bobtail insurance is, how it works and why bobtail insurance an essential form of auto liability coverage.