Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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Being an Effective Advocate

Florida Workers' Comp

I recently received a phone call, unsolicited, from an advocate, seeking assistance; we'll call him "Jim," with sincere apologies to everyone out there actually named Jim. Jim's dispute likely had nothing to do with Worker’s Compensation, and at least purportedly centered on a labor dispute. Jim's issue was thousands of miles from me, and yet Jim seemingly chose me (I later learned that was false and Jim was contacting whomever could be reached).

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Amazing And Terrible: What It’s Like To Work With Elon Musk


Working for Elon Musk: "amazing and terrible". Explore the dualities of Musk's leadership and learn lessons for success. The post Amazing And Terrible: What It’s Like To Work With Elon Musk appeared first on Wellable.

IT 81

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Celebrating Construction Appreciation Week: Honoring the Builders of Our World


Each year, during the third week of September, we celebrate Construction Appreciation Week—a time to honor the hardworking men and women who turn dreams into reality by building the infrastructure that drives our societies forward. Construction is the backbone of progress, and during this week, we pay tribute to the dedication, skill, and innovation of those who make it all possible.

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Guru Knowledge Base Software

HR Lineup

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective knowledge management is the key to enhancing productivity, streamlining workflows, and ensuring that teams have access to accurate and up-to-date information. Guru is a leading knowledge management software that revolutionizes the way organizations capture, organize, and share their collective knowledge.

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How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Drive Business Results

According to Forbes, employees who feel listened to show a 64% longer commitment to tasks. And that’s just for starters. Learn how emotionally intelligent leaders drive business results. Download Paycor’s guide for the full story.

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HR Interview Questions, Answer & Formulas to Success


Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Farhan You’re absolutely in the right place to find all the answers to your questions-related HR interviews! It’s important because HR interviews are key to getting a job. They check more than just your qualifications. They test if you’ll fit in with the company. Many candidates often struggle with uncertainty. You wonder about the questions that you’ll face and how to answer them effectively.

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