Sun.Mar 19, 2023

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Who do You Trust?

Florida Workers' Comp

There is so often discussion of the reputation of lawyers. Bad lawyer jokes are a staple of the unwitting. Without fail, when introduced at a cocktail party, some hapless attendee thinks I need to hear the latest slur. My favorite is that "99% of lawyers give all the rest a bad name." HAHAHAHAHA. (Not funny). Unfortunately, there are some lawyers out there that do not do much to enhance the public image.

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Toxic Culture Gender Gap: Women’s Experience in the C-suite and Beyond

HR Digest

Recent research published in the MIT Sloan Management Review reveals that we are 41% more likely than our male counterparts to be subjected to toxic corporate culture. And it gets worse – the study shows that this despicable gap has only widened in recent years, especially since the pandemic hit. Even women in top-level executive positions aren’t immune from this scourge – they’re a shocking 53% more likely to experience toxicity in the workplace.


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HR Lineup

TextUs is a cloud-based business communication platform that enables companies to communicate with their customers and employees via text messaging. The platform is designed to provide a quick and efficient way to communicate with large groups of people, making it ideal for businesses that need to communicate with customers and employees on a regular basis.

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Lighting is just as important for those working from home as it is in the office

Workplace Insight

Working from home now constitutes a part of many office workers’ lives so the latest revision to The Society of Light and Lighting Guide now includes guidance for those creating an office in their home through the conversion of a bedroom or other room. This revision to The Society of Light and Lighting’s Lighting Guide 7: Lighting for Offices [paywall] is the most significant in a long time.

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Combatting the Effects of Inflation: Keeping Benefits Competitive While Cutting Cost

Speaker: Jaye Johnson, CBP - Employee Benefits and Total Rewards Leader, World at Work Content Author, and Speaker

After years of facing the global pandemic, we are now struggling with a new problem: inflation. No one could have predicted the impact of inflation on employee benefits and how it affects both employees and employers. Employers are now trying to maintain or lower the cost of benefits while competing for talent in a competitive and tight labor market, but the rising costs of consumer goods and healthcare make it extremely difficult to consider increasing their benefit offerings.

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HR Lineup

Beamery is a cloud-based talent management software that is designed to help companies attract, engage, and retain top talent. The platform combines applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, and talent CRM capabilities in one centralized system. With Beamery, recruiters can create a seamless and personalized candidate experience at every touchpoint, from sourcing to onboarding.