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Buyer’s guide to private medical insurance

Employee Benefits

What is private medical insurance (PMI)? PMI is a type of insurance designed to cover medical expenses incurred during illness or injury, such as operations, consultations, diagnostic investigations and tests. PMI can help employees regain their health, and their earning power, quickly, to the benefit of both them and their employer.

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Maryland Delays Paid Family and Medical Leave Program


The rollout of Maryland’s family and medical leave program is delayed by one year, including employer withholding and employee benefits. Employers must begin withholding for the program on October 1, 2024.

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Central Co-op enhances health and medical benefits

Employee Benefits

Food and funeral care retailer Central Co-op has introduced enhanced health and medical benefits for its around 7,600 employees as of this week. The post Central Co-op enhances health and medical benefits appeared first on Employee Benefits. It is also training more of its wellbeing champions to become mental health first aiders.

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Doctor-Patient Relationships and Medical Marijuana: Where Are We Now?

McDermott Will & Emery Employee Benefits

Recently, President Joe Biden signed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, which provides a mechanism for industry and academia to access and research cannabis (including marijuana and other cannabis-derived products) without violating the Controlled Substances Act. appeared first on EMPLOYEE BENEFITS BLOG.

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Why Self-Esteem Is Critical to Successful Leadership

Employee Motivation Employee Success Leadership 10% Happier ACE Conference Bobi Seredich dan harris EI EI skills emotional intelligence employee happiness employee morale employee motivation high self-esteem high self-esteem leader HR human resources improving self-esteem leader leadership low self-esteem micro manager positive emotional intelligence (..)

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6 things to know if you’re a first-time medical FSA participant

WEX Inc.

Did you recently elect to participate in a medical flexible spending account (FSA) ? If you’re a first-time medical FSA participant, you may not be familiar with FSA definitions and rules. We’ve provided a list of the top things a first-time medical FSA participant should be aware of in order to take full advantage of their FSA.

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Who should not have access to employee medical records?

Business Management Daily

The COVID-19 pandemic brought mandatory vaccinations and medical screenings to many companies, which has caused some controversy regarding the confidentiality of employee medical information. In particular, many want to know who should and who should not have access to their employee medical records.

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