Payroll vs Compensation: The sempiternal HRIS conundrum

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If the latter, two situations may arise: (1) Your scope includes Payroll : In that case it's to a large extent a shift-and-lift exercize. That's when you have to make a determination what to keep in your local Payroll system and what can be moved to your new cloud system's Compensation module.

Organizations: Start Building Trust Through Payroll

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Payroll Mistakes Erode Trust. When it comes to building trust specifically inside the organization, a place to start could be the payroll process. Of course, organizations aren’t intentionally making mistakes with their payroll. Employees can’t change any of their payroll data.


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The future of payroll – part one

LACE Partners

Today’s blog comes from our Payroll expert Chris Kirby , who heads up our payroll consultancy services at LACE. As a business we speak to a variety of organisations about how they can improve their payroll function or solve payroll challenges.

The future of payroll – part two

LACE Partners

On Friday we released a blog which was part one of a two-part series that looked at the future of the Payroll function from a ‘internal factors’ lens. Changing expectations of payroll professionals. Where does Payroll sit? to “How can Payroll resolve these challenges?”,

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

How to Effectively Manage Payroll Services?


Payroll administration is the difficult task of keeping track of your employees’ financial data, such as pay, benefits, taxes, and deductions. Payroll is handled in a variety of ways by businesses: traditionally, with spreadsheets, or automatically via payroll software.

The Future Workplace [Episode 2]: Technology Is an Organizational Differentiator

HR Bartender

We had a company-developed HRIS and my role was to play liaison between system users and the technology department. I would convey those to the technology department, who would add it to the system. Human resources technology has improved (a lot!) Technology is a tool to help us.

Talent and Technology [Episode 1B]: Employee Feedback is Currency

HR Bartender

So, we decided to put together a few episodes talking about the intersection of talent and technology. Data and technology can help generate the necessary information to facilitate the process. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. Welcome to a mini-season of The HR Bartender Show!

Talent and Technology [Episode 8]: How Technology Can Make Work More Human

HR Bartender

Organizations and individuals need to figure out how to effectively have a relationship with technology. Which is why, in this mini-season on Talent and Technology , I wanted to speak with Dan Schawbel. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Technology can speed payroll when employees are scattered

Business Management Daily

The problem with processing payroll when employees are working from home is employees: Their home computers aren’t as secure as their work computers and their typical, normal questions take up way too much of your time. Technology can be your friend, here. Blockchain for payroll.

Small Market Buyer's Guide

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Buying Payroll & HR Technology challenges you to examine your current processes and provides a plan for getting back to what really matters, running your business.

What innovations have payroll providers delivered in 2021?

LACE Partners

As a technology agnostic business, we’re often asked to provide our thoughts on the evolution of the payroll provider market and what has changed. One of our resident payroll experts Adam Morris was detailed to see what has happened in the market this year….

Why Getting Payroll Right is so Important for Retention


The link between payroll and retention may seem obvious: you have to pay your employees in exchange for the work they do. In fact, one study found that roughly half of employees say they will start looking for another job after two payroll mistakes at their current employer.

5 Best Payroll Software 2021

HR Lineup

Any business requires the best payroll software 2021 to manage its employees’ payroll. Additionally, an excellent payroll software does digital record keeping, enabling you and your employees to easily access the necessary information on payroll anywhere, with any device. .

Bookmark This! The Talent and Technology Podcast Edition

HR Bartender

One of the topics that came up quite a bit was technology. Technology is an important part of our personal and professional lives. So, when we decided to produce a mini-season, it seemed logical to talk about the intersection of talent and technology.

The A-Z of HR technology


HR technology has evolved from the early days of fax machines and paper filing to modern, comprehensive cloud-based solutions – CIPHR presents a glossary of terminology. From legacy HR systems to cloud, there is a world of terminology around HR technology.

Major Trends in HR Technology Software


The latest development in the ever-changing world of HR technology software consists of major disrupters within the recent years, from listening tools to in-depth analytics and much more. According to an article published by the Society of Human Resource Management , it was claimed ‘Investors, seeking the next big step in breakthrough technology, plunged more than $2 billion into HR tech systems and platforms in 2016.’ Breakthrough in HR Technologies.

What are the top features and benefits of payroll software?


From the benefits of payroll software to choosing the right software for your organisation, we cover everything you need to know about payroll software. Similarly, the answer lies with payroll software. Features of payroll software. The key benefits of payroll software.

Why you should treat the causes of payroll problems rather than symptoms

LACE Partners

In this week’s blog our in-house payroll ‘doctor’ Chris Kirby tells us how a holistic approach to payroll diagnosis can boost efficiency, experience and return on investment. Our Payroll is broken”. Payroll is always wrong, we need a new system”. Payroll .

Technology: Do Not Let Your Company Become Obsolete

HR Bartender

While you know that I love my technology, there are some activities that I enjoy doing what some might term “old school”. Today’s technologies can take our work to the next level. Our stakeholders expect technology. Implementing new technologies isn’t supposed to be painful.

Is the future of payroll real-time payments?

LACE Partners

In a recent HR on the Offensive podcast we spoke to Ian Wheeler from Income Group about this emerging technology, the impact it is having on the payroll landscape and what the future might hold. . The post Is the future of payroll real-time payments?

Middle Kingdom: Musings on Chinese HR, technology and the country

Ahmed's Universe

Actually, many other aspects of China's labor laws seem to be directly inspired from France's: such as the 1-2% of a company's payroll which must be set aside for the worker union to spend on employee benefits. It is also the only one that runs on magnetic-levitation technology. China cinema cloud computing global HR globalization glocalization HCM HR hr technology localization multi-country payroll multinational payroll payroll PeopleSoft

Is outsourcing payroll only about cost savings?


Any discussion on outsourcing payroll will always have one question: What will be my cost savings on this? But is this cost-saving the only consideration in transforming your payroll function? Payroll is complex, especially in the Asia Pacific. Payroll is people to people.

2021 Payroll and HR Trends Across APAC


Our 2020 Payroll and HR Trends report opened by stating that ‘making predictions is hard’ That certainly turned out to be true when the COVID-19 pandemic literally swept across the world early in the year.

7 Lesser-known ways HR technology can influence your business


Leveraging the latest technology in human resource management can be game changing for your organization, offering immediate benefits like convenient access to HR documents, integrated employee information and powerful workforce analytics.

Beelivery introduces new benefits and payroll programme

Employee Benefits

On-demand grocery delivery service Beelivery has introduced a new employee benefits and payroll service to meet the demands of its growing organisation. The post Beelivery introduces new benefits and payroll programme appeared first on Employee Benefits.

5 Simple Steps to Streamline your Payroll Process


For any firm, the payroll process may be difficult, and it’s easy to become mired down in the administrative side of things. However, with so many various regulations, documentation obligations, and tax ramifications, it’s no surprise that payroll can be a pain.

5 keys to successful payroll leadership

Business Management Daily

When you’re knowledgeable about how other aspects of your business work, payroll professionals are better able to make recommendations on process improvements. Gow’s first pillar of payroll leadership is maintaining compliance. Using technology. Office Administration Payroll

Romania: Between HR technology and childhood memories

Ahmed's Universe

Tier-1 vendors include the usual suspects we know, with SAP on top (the only one with full localization including payroll) and Workday the #1 cloud HR vendor with limited localization (and the need to improve its Romanian translation).and Charisma and Wizrom are top of the pack, with Charisma the payroll vendor used by many multinational subsidiaries. Previous posts: July 2016: Middle Kingdom: Musings on Chinese HR, technology and the country Nov.

Technology Doesn’t Replace People – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

Kronos is hosting a free eSymposium for HR and payroll professionals next week. You probably know I love my technology gadgets. One of the things I love about technology is it allows me to interact with people I wouldn’t otherwise ever meet. Our technology connection turned into a real conversation. Workplace technology helps us do a lot of things. And workplace technologies are very effective and efficient. Use technology to build relationships.

What are the emerging trends in payroll?

LACE Partners

We recently spoke to Sam Isaac from Neeyamo about a whitepaper they produced in 2021 which looked at what they saw as some of the emerging trends in the payroll space. The impact of ‘Cloud X’ for Payroll teams. AI in payroll. How does blockchain impact payroll?

What innovations have payroll providers delivered in 2021?

LACE Partners

As a technology agnostic business, we’re often asked to provide our thoughts on the evolution of the payroll provider market and what has changed. One of our resident payroll experts Adam Morris was detailed to see what has happened in the market this year…. 2021 has been another turbulent year that has continued to place payroll under a global spotlight. So how has payroll reacted to not just this, but the resultant changing demands of the consumer?

How is technology changing the delivery of employee benefits on a global scale?

Employee Benefits

Technology is an important force in enabling this approach to run smoothly. As technology by its nature changes constantly, decision-makers must keep track of how this affects their benefits strategies on a global scale. Kate Bishop: How technology improves benefits delivery.

Configuring your Payroll System for Increased Performance


Critical HR deliverables, such as recruitment, onboarding, retention and development have been impacted considerably by new technologies. Advances in Payroll and HR systems have been at the forefront of this revolution. Payroll DataShape your tools; empower your business.

How Technology Has Helped HR In Organizations

Vantage Circle

New functionalities and features have constantly emerged as technology has evolved. The development of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a hot technology that has taken the globe by storm in the last decade. However, the use of technology or AI has helped a lot in recent times.

Why You Need a Payroll System That Supports Your Dealership


Managing payroll can be an incredibly arduous process, but with the right software, you can save your HR team hours of administrative tasks, and your company a great deal of money. There’s no doubt that payroll can be extremely time-consuming, especially if it’s a primarily manual process.

Is an outsourced payroll approach beneficial for your business?


This question seems simple enough: do you keep your payroll services in-house, or do you outsource this function to a third-party provider? Finding the right approach to outsource payroll. Every business has its unique culture and requirements for its payroll practices.