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Health insurance for restaurants and food service employees


million workers in the food service industry 2. In this article, we’ll review health insurance benefits for restaurants that will help your business thrive and satisfy your food service employees. There were 749,404 restaurants in the U.S. By the end of 2024, the National Restaurant Association projects there will be 15.7

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WCIRB Announces New Food & Beverage Classifications effective September 1, 2024

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9082, Caterers – not restaurants 9083, Restaurants – fast food or fast casual 9084, Bars or Taverns – not restaurants The recommendation to divide Classification 9079(1), Restaurants or Taverns , into six new classifications was the result of a multi-year WCIRB study on the Food and Beverage Service Industry Group.

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Amazon warehouse workers say they struggle to afford food, rent

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Fifty-three percent workers reported that they'd experienced food insecurity, and 48% experienced one or more forms of housing insecurity.

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Californian Food Chain Layoffs Imminent after Minimum Wage Increased to $20

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A rise in the minimum wage sounds like the start to a positive story but the recent California food chain layoffs suggest it could have less than favorable implications for a while. In order to avoid the additional costs, the number of Californian food chains’ layoffs has begun to grow.

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US workers are returning to tough food-warehouse jobs after COVID lull

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As aid runs out and cost of living rises, companies like US Foods are welcoming employees back to the workforce.

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Suntory Beverage and Food employees accept 5.5% pay increase

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Credit: Jasni / More than 180 workers employed by Suntory Beverage and Food in Gloucestershire have accepted a 5.5% Suntory Beverage and Food has been contacted for comment prior to publication. The post Suntory Beverage and Food employees accept 5.5% pay increase.

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Pandemic and Supply Chain Lessons Lead to Improved Food System Framework


The pandemic and supply chain disruptions have revealed longstanding issues with getting food from farm to table. In an effort to strengthen the food system across the supply chain, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced details of its Food System Transformation Framework. Food loss and waste prevention.

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