Tue.May 17, 2022

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Communicating DEI: Five Critical Questions

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Many companies have made progressive changes to their approach in recruiting, hiring and management to make the workplace an environment where everyone can succeed. While diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Read more > The post Communicating DEI: Five Critical Questions appeared first on Word on Benefits.

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Career Changes at 50: Everything You Need to Know


Jump to section. Is it a good idea to change careers at 50? 4 types of career changes at 50. 4 pros and cons. Your next move: think about these five final tips to make a career change at 50.

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How to Retain Employees During the Great Resignation

HR Lineup

The great resignation is here and not going away anytime soon until employers evaluate their employees’ needs and find ways to retain them. You see, the 2020 COVID-19 was an eye-opener for employees since they felt overworked. As a result, they had to self-evaluate themselves and decide on what really mattered, whether its better pay, career development opportunities, respect, flexibility, etc.

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How to Improve Teamwork in Remote and Hybrid Teams

Sodexo Engage

Summary: How has remote and hybrid working changed since 2020? Can businesses operate effectively when teams are remote and hybrid? How can remote and hybrid teams improve teamwork? Ready to invest in employee wellbeing? How to Improve Teamwork in Remote and Hybrid Teams. Has your organisation embraced hybrid working yet? Covid-19 supercharged the shift towards more remote and hybrid working, and it’s something that employees are looking for more and more.

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Combatting the Effects of Inflation: Keeping Benefits Competitive While Cutting Cost

Speaker: Jaye Johnson, CBP - Employee Benefits and Total Rewards Leader, World at Work Content Author, and Speaker

After years of facing the global pandemic, we are now struggling with a new problem: inflation. No one could have predicted the impact of inflation on employee benefits and how it affects both employees and employers. Employers are now trying to maintain or lower the cost of benefits while competing for talent in a competitive and tight labor market, but the rising costs of consumer goods and healthcare make it extremely difficult to consider increasing their benefit offerings.

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The Stress of Testimony

Florida Workers' Comp

At the outset, this is a blog about workers' compensation. Periodically, I get feedback from the mis- (or un-) informed asking "what does this (whatever it is) have to do with workers' compensation?" While it may be that I take things for granted, I have striven in recent years to be more direct with the reader in this regard. Unfortunately, the world of workers' compensation too often includes litigation.

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Texas Court Stresses Comp Carrier is Entitled to Full “First Money” in Worker’s Third-Party Tort Settlement

The Workcomp Writer

Reiterating that aTexas workers’ compensation carrier is entitled to the “first money” an injured worker recovered in a third-party tort action—here, settlement of a medical malpractice claim—and stressing further that until the carrier is paid in full, the worker has no right to the settlement money, a Texas appellate court affirmed, in relevant part, a trial court’s order requiring an injured worker’s attorney to pay over to the workers’ compensation carrier the entire amount of a medical malp

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Get employee engagement right to improve retention

Business Management Daily

There’s a reason why doing what you love takes very little effort: it comes naturally, and when things get difficult, you relish the challenge rather than slough through the motions. Nowhere is this more true than at work. Getting people engaged in what they’re doing—helping them find love for what they do, day in and day out—is the best way to keep great employees around.

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Time to Consider Option Repricings?

Snell & Wilmer Benefits

Given recent declines in equity value in a variety of segments of the economy (technology in particular), a number of clients have asked us what levers are available for retaining talent. While they are rare and while we might be too early in the economic cycle for them, stock option repricings remain a possible tool in the toolkit for both public and private company issuers.

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Which Countries Have A Four-Day Work Week?

HR Digest

The four-day work week is a dream for many people. It’s a way to work fewer hours but still make the same amount of money. Not all countries are offering this, but there are some that do. . Working four days a week is a dream for many people, who would gladly trade in their eight-hour days for more time with their families and friends. But is it actually possible?

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Unleashing AI in Recruitment: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the power of AI in recruitment with Paycor’s complete guide. Learn how to streamline your hiring process, increase interview pipeline, uncover candidates other tools miss, and save time. Get ready to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy today!

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Time off tracking pointers: How to track employee time off


Your employees need time off to recharge. Whether it’s paid time off or unpaid leave, time away from work is essential for work-life balance and overall employee wellbeing. However, as an employer, you probably want to know how much time your workers are taking off and verify that company policy is being followed. These time off tracking pointers can help.

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How the Types of Motivation Help You Hit Your Goals


Jump to section. What is motivation? The different types of motivation. How to use the types of motivation to your advantage. Best types of motivation for different scenarios. Can motivation be negative? Looking forward.

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3 Tips for Answering the Toughest Interview Question

Professionals Alternative

Wherever you go in for a job interview, chances are you are going to be asked some questions. “How long have you been in this field?” “How much experience do you have?” “Have you done relevant work before?” and so on. . These questions are easy to answer, and you’ve likely prepared for them beforehand, but there is an even harder question. It’s a simple question, sure, but one that also stumps countless interviewees and has led to several lost jobs: Describe yourself in 5 words. .

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I Have No Purpose — Finding Meaning in Life


Jump to section. Why do we need a purpose in our life? What is purpose anxiety? How to know if you have purpose anxiety. 4 self-help strategies to deal with purpose anxiety. 5 consequences of lacking purpose. What to do when you have no purpose. Remember: Purpose doesn't come overnight.

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How Can You Aggressively Manage Benefits Affordability?

Speaker: Alex Anderson - Total Rewards Strategist at Lockton Companies | Leo Tokar - President, People Solutions and Partner at Lockton Companies

Benefit cost increases regularly eclipse all other costs for organizations, yet bringing costs down is illusive. Now corporate priorities are swinging from solely a focus on talent to the need to actively manage benefit expenses, but no one wants to reduce benefits or ask employees to pay more. Join two total rewards experts, Alex Anderson and Leo Tokar, for an in-depth discussion on tactics to efficiently and effectively control and manage benefit cost.

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The Ultimate List Of "Would You Rather" Questions For Work

Vantage Circle

If you think employee engagement is hard, try engaging your employees during a morning meeting or a mid-week brainstorming session. We wouldn't want to be a part of it unless we had something exciting to break the ice with like some funny "Would you rather" questions for work. "Would you rather" questions are a fun and unique approach to garner a lot of interaction among the team members.

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What is the cycle to work scheme?

Sodexo Engage

Summary: Who's eligible? What kind of bikes and equipment are included under the scheme? What kind of savings can employees enjoy? How does the cycle to scheme benefit your business? So what are you waiting for? What is the cycle to work scheme? Here at Sodexo Engage we believe that employee wellbeing is made up of three core pillars: physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

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How to Protect Your Agency’s Trust Account

InterWest Insurance Services

Insurance agencies move significant amounts of funds through their accounts, particularly when they keep premium deposits in trust accounts before transferring them to insurers. As like any business that has significant cash flow, it’s vitally important for insurance brokerages to have their operations buttoned up tightly to protect against financial fraud.

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Employee Benefits and Perks Your Company Should Offer


Happy employees are at the heart of any successful business and offering your employees access to benefits and perks can not only boost their morale but reduce workplace stress too. When your team members are happy, you can look forward to increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, and fewer days lost to staff absence. Plus, providing benefits and perks can often prove to be a key differentiator in the employment market. .

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HR and Employee Healthcare Reform: Keys to Increasing Employee Wellness and Retention

Speaker: Mallory Herrin, CEO & Principal HR Consultant at HerrinHR

Your employees are your most valuable resource. If you want to retain employees and keep them happy, you want to make the incentives more valuable. With a full-stack employee experience, culture, health, wellness and benefits navigation solution, you can provide employees with the wellbeing support they need. The results? Employees who are happier, healthier, and more engaged, as well as a business that is thriving both internally and externally, every day.