Automation: A Potential Game Changer for Mining and Maritime Industry

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Robotic loaders and remotely-controlled trucks are significantly reducing operational costs in the mining sector. Automation is inevitably the future of our industry; robots are gradually taking over perilous jobs and labor-intensive industries such as mining and maritime are intensively observing massive AI intervention. Autonomous shipping and the ability to control trucks inside mining pits from an office are some few technologies emanating from artificial intelligence.

Cryptocurrency for Employee Benefits Lawyers: What You Need to Know

McDermott Will & Emery Employee Benefits

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, employers are considering how they can be used as part of compensation arrangements and benefit plans to attract and retain talent.


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Employee Innovation: 4 Tips for Mining One of Your Richest Resources


The post Employee Innovation: 4 Tips for Mining One of Your Richest Resources appeared first on Insperity Innovation is the lifeblood of a successful business, yet it can be challenging for leaders to manage the “idea factory.” Well-meaning employees may propose new ideas that are beyond their area of expertise or simply too expensive to implement. How do you keep your employees engaged in thinking creatively, yet guide their enthusiasm in realistic and productive directions?

Women’s Worker Rights in China

Global People Strategist

If you are a woman in China interested in mining, logging, or anything that involves carrying 44 pounds or more, Chinese labor laws may prevent you from being able to work in that field. China GlobalPeopleStrategist LaborLaw LabourLaw Logging Mining WomensRights WorkersRights

Employee Innovation: 4 Tips for Mining One of Your Richest Resources


Innovation is the lifeblood of a successful business, yet it can be challenging for leaders to manage the “idea factory.” ” Well-meaning employees may propose new ideas that are beyond their area of expertise or simply too expensive to implement. How do you keep your employees engaged in thinking creatively, yet guide their enthusiasm in realistic and productive directions? When an idea doesn’t pan out, how do you decline the idea without killing motivation ?

5 Crypto Trends and Innovations for 2020

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Business Technology bitcoin business leaders business outcomes business tips crypto cryptocurrency cryptocurrency market data mining excellence finance finances financial financial management financial tips Growth innovation pandemic tech technology

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Using XY Plots to Communicate Data

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Business business combinations business leaders business outcomes business solutions business tips Communication data data mining diagrams graphs Improvement Leadership small business statistics visual contentOften in business or science, you need to communicate how two items work together.

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4 Components of the Internet of Things That Businesses Should Know About

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Business Leadership Technology business leaders business tips connectivity data data mining data protection Improvement internet of things IoT online business online business world online security and privacy security small business tech tech solutions technology Technology tips

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How to Optimize Your Business Practices for Efficiency

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Business Leadership Analytics business leaders business outcomes business solutions business tips data data mining Efficiency Improvement Marketing Marketing Analytics Marketing Strategy small business start ups SuccessThere’s always room for improvement in business.

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10 Steps to Successful Data Conversion

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Business Leadership Technology Big Data business leaders business outcomes business tips cyber security data data mining data protection excellence Growth Improvement innovation IT security Management security small business Success tech technology

Why The World Is Going Crazy Over Big Data

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Business Technology AI artificial intelligence Big Data business outcomes Career cloud data data mining future jobs Growth innovation Job hunting job search job skills jobs Success tech Tech News technologyFrom the 1980s into the 1990s, a pair of data scientists, Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun laid the foundations of artificial intelligence. They came up with the idea of a neural net, a kind of statistical tool that could be trained, rather than programmed.

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Data: The New Battlefield In The Fight Against Criminals

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Business Technology Big Data business outcomes business tips Culture Customer Experience cyber security data data mining data protection excellence hackers Improvement online security online security and privacy secure security small business tech technology WorkplaceThe job of companies has traditionally been to make sure that they protect their physical assets from damage. But thanks to the rise of technology, the value economy of “stuff” relative to data is declining.

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Shaswat Kumar Interview: Prioritizing Value Realization for Customer Success


But how many people can mine this concept to realize results? Everyone knows value realization is the key to unlocking better business outcomes because it takes the customer-centric approach to a whole new level.

The Toxic Legacy of Ford Motor Company

Workers' Compensation

It is alleged that FMC hired a company to cart off its toxic waste to old mine property that FMC owned in Ringwood. Among other things, the 500-acre Ringwood Mines area encompasses the historic homeland of the Ramapough Lenape Nation, a Native American Tribe formally recognized by the State.

Injury at work? What are your rights to compensation?

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Employers, especially those who employ people in manual labor jobs like construction or mining, have a direct responsibility to look after their employees. Going to work can be difficult enough day in and day out without being worried that you have caused an injury to yourself.

Is Life a Solo Journey? Part One

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A few weeks ago, I had dinner with John, a friend of mine in California in his mid-60s who is grieving the loss of his wife from cancer. John was struggling to manage his grief, not an easy task at any time, and especially not during the social isolation of the pandemic. He told me […].

Do You Enjoy Your Phone or Feel Trapped by It?

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About six years ago, a friend of mine was sitting in a restaurant with his wife in a small town in France and observed that almost everyone in the restaurant was looking at their smartphone.

“Members Who Inspire” profile in ABA Journal

Minding the Workplace

David Wexler (co-founder of the field of therapeutic jurisprudence ), two long-time dear colleagues whose pioneering work has inspired mine.

How to navigate social media with coworkers

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While more than two-thirds of employees surveyed said they’re connected with coworkers on platforms like Facebook, the fact is that navigating various social media platforms can feel like walking through a mine field. Are you connected to your colleagues on social media?

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Latest research reveals “secret sauce” to impact wellbeing in the new world of work


We mined the academic literature to identify the ingredients that comprise the powerful construct to this concept of wellbeing and conducted a survey soliciting input from 2000 employees and 1000 HR leaders around the world.

Fighting political corruption - Brazil vs France

Ahmed's Universe

During my last stay in December my Copacabana neighborhood only gossiped about another fallen leader, former Renault-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn, whose swanky Nissan-owned penthouses, just a couple of blocks away from mine, was being searched and confiscated.) PARIS I recently came back from one of my regular stays in my home away from home in Brazil.

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It is Alive?

Florida Workers' Comp

Computers never call in sick, never (supposedly) get distracted, although mine has a tendency to become preoccupied with telling me to wait while it does what it wants ("please wait"). In 1991, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as the Terminator opposite Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner. The premise of the movie is essentially on the manner in which the world advanced to artificial intelligence and robotic primacy (to the detriment of humankind).

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A glimpse into Appreciate it! with best-selling author Debra Corey

Employee Benefits

From here onwards, recognition became a focus of mine, making sure that no matter where I worked, my people felt appreciated and that we had a culture of recognition. Author Name : Chloe Thompson, Head of Content Strategy at Reward Gateway.

Sponsored Post: The DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle From Staples Canada

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The opinions and texts are all mine. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Newell Rubbermaid®. I was recently asked by DYMO® to share my experience and some unique tips about their DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle from Staples Canada as I love to stay organized at work and at home. Staying … Continue reading Sponsored Post: The DYMO® LabelWriter™ 450 Bundle From Staples Canada.

My Key Take-Aways From #AFCPE2021

Money Talk

Red flags” include hiding savings accounts, hiding debt, hiding purchases in the trunk of a car until a spouse leaves the house, and “me” and “mine” language in financial counseling sessions.

The Dream Formula

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Martin Luther King While your dreams, and mine, may not have as strong of an impact, or change the world, as Martin Luther King’s did – we all have them. I have a dream. We all have dreams of where we would like to be or who we would like to be. At the […]. Business Leadership achievements Amazon Book Book Review books business outcomes Dream Dreams excellence goals Growth Improvement Inspiration Motivation Peopleskills Personal Growth Success

First Hydrogen UK hires chief human resources officer

Employee Benefits

This has been a deep personal passion of mine throughout my career and I look forward to supporting UK CEO Steve Gill, together with the First Hydrogen leadership team, to build a fair and inclusive culture for all.

A Decade

Florida Workers' Comp

Ty Cobb was a friend of mine. This blog has covered many topics. From opioids to constitutional challenges; from attorney ethics to cybersecurity; from California to Massachusetts; from the Hot Seat to SAWCA; from conferences in Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, California, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and more. There has been discussion of positive aspects of workers' compensation, challenges, victories, and shortcomings.

Life @ LACE – Chris Horton

LACE Partners

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine” I know I have found mine. . In today’s blog we talk to a member of our Extended Leadership Team, Chris Horton, about what life is really like to be a ‘LACEr’.

What is your digital adoption strategy? And are you asking the right questions?

LACE Partners

I’m pleased how these three reasons came together in this passion project of mine.

An HR Leader's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Ahmed's Universe

I will NOT have a systems integrator get involved in system selection: I am sick and tired of vendors who nudge me into selecting a system that fits THEIR needs and not mine. PARIS As an HR leader it is my responsibility to make sure my company has the best tools experience can provide and budget can buy. Here are therefore my New Year''s 10 resolutions as pertaining to technology without which there cannot be any HR.

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Go Take A Hike: 5 Ways a Hiking Vacation Can Boost Your Career – Guest Post from @VictorPrinceDC

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The picture above was taken on one of my hikes in Gatineau Park, Quebec which is a favorite spot of mine, and my family’s, for hiking. I love going for hikes myself. Reconnecting with nature is a powerful thing. So I was thrilled when Victor Prince asked if I would help to support his new book, The … Continue reading Go Take A Hike: 5 Ways a Hiking Vacation Can Boost Your Career – Guest Post from @VictorPrinceDC.

Recognition: A Top Measurement of Employee Engagement


When you use technology to send and receive recognition and rewards , you’re creating a mass of data that can be mined for clear figures on your level of employee engagement. Employee engagement is crucial; not just for its own sake, but because it is directly connected to business outcomes.

General Motors New Slogan Opens a New Era in Automotive


I’ll spare you mine here. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, last month, ahead of the 2021 virtual CES , you saw General Motors unveil its new corporate logo to the world.

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The Problem With Making a Poor Fit Hire — and How to Fix It


Consider having your current team submit their responses and mine out the similarities to create an “all star employee” profile which you can use to measure candidates against. .

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The Top 5 Best Workplace Management Tools In 2022

Vantage Circle

factoTime is attendance and payroll management that can be used for employees and employees; it helps business owners track their employees' timing from the clock in/out ti as a business solution mine. When entrepreneurs start a new venture, they want to handle many things.

Busting the HR Myths: What People Think vs. What Does HR Do


Every year, the HR team conducts an incisive survey and feedback action program that mines valuable feedback for the management to review and pivot culture frameworks around. The future of work may be changing, but human connections are here to stay.